The Differences Between Clear and Frosted Business Cards

Business cards are common. Almost everyone has made or received a business card, but after a while, they can start to look the same. Many people design unique cards now to impress recipients and prevent their cards from getting lumped together with everyone else’s. One impressive design choice some people are making is clear or frosted business cards. Keep reading to learn about the differences between these two unique card options.

Semi vs. Fully Translucent

Clear and frosted business cards look similar at first glance. When you study them closely, you’ll notice that the clear ones are fully translucent, while frosted cards are only semi-translucent. If you hold the clear cards up to a light, you can see through them as if you were looking through a window. You can’t see through frosted cards completely, but you can make out lights, shadows, and shapes if held up to a light.

Price Differences

Many card printers, including SilkCards, have a price difference between clear and frosted cards. For the same number of cards at the same thickness level, you’ll pay roughly $20 more for frosted cards. The price difference also depends on your desired design. We can print any design on any card, including clear and frosted. However, some colors and designs can appear muted on clear cards in an effort to preserve the translucent appeal.

Which Is Better?

Now that you understand the appearance and price differences between clear and frosted business cards, you can decide which is best for your business. If you’re on a tight budget, then you should choose clear cards, as they’re slightly cheaper. If you have a specific colorful design in mind, then choose frosted cards that keep colors bright.

These cards are similar, and you can’t go wrong with either option. Recipients will appreciate the unique elements of both and will surely remember your business.

Picking out the right cards for your business to make the best impression is important. Choosing a unique style, such as clear or frosted cards, is a great way to make the best impression possible. If you’re looking for custom-made business cards with these unique elements, SilkCards is happy to help. You can order cards with your own design, or we can help you design cards you’ll feel confident handing out.


How To Create a Successful Membership Loyalty Program

Businesses thrive when their customers feel appreciated and keep coming back for more. One of the best ways to make your customers feel appreciated is to create a membership loyalty program that rewards them for their continued support. While any business can create a membership loyalty program, it takes hard work to create a successful one. Keep reading to get some tips on how to make this significant change for your business.

Start With Customer Service

Before creating a loyalty program for your customers, you must have a business model that inspires customer loyalty. While part of customer loyalty and satisfaction depends on the goods or services you provide, how you treat your customers will inspire the most loyalty. Most customers can find goods and services anywhere. They come to you because of your excellent customer service.

If you’re worried your customer service isn’t up to par, start re-training your employees. Begin with basic lessons, such as the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication in customer service includes greeting and welcoming people when they enter the store, asking helpful questions, and promptly responding to them. Nonverbal communication means smiling when they greet customers, leaving their bodies open and relaxed while they talk, and listening well.

Don’t stop with the basics. Teach your employees to go above and beyond when serving customers and lead by example. Respond to requests for help quickly and ask follow-up questions to ensure the customer has a positive experience. Accept all forms of customer feedback, even critical ones, and use them to improve your business.

Study Your Customers

Once you know your customers love your business and the service they get there, start studying them. The more you study your customers, the more you’ll learn about their spending habits and what they would like from a loyalty program.

There are multiple ways to study your customers. You can poll them in person when they come into your store, asking them to answer some questions or fill out a short form. Many businesses send surveys to their customers electronically, either through text or email, so they can better understand them and their spending habits. Others don’t ask their customers for any information directly and simply track spending trends with software.

It’s better to get direct customer feedback instead of inferring from software-collected data. Direct feedback is more personal and will give you a better idea of what customers like and want to have in the future. Some good questions are how they heard about your business, how long they’ve been a customer, what products they prefer, and how you can improve your relationship with them.

Pick Out Your Rewards

After studying your customers, you’ll better understand what rewards you should offer through your loyalty program. Rewards can come in various shapes and sizes, from cash back after making a purchase, to receiving free items, to personalized discounts on future purchases, and more. Some customers may prefer certain rewards to others, so you’ll either need to offer different rewards based on those preferences or choose the most popular.

Custom rewards are always better than general rewards. General rewards that every member of the loyalty program receives, regardless of spending habits, feel disingenuous. Tracking what customers like and rewarding them with what they want, whether it’s something free or a future discount, makes them feel seen and valued. The entire point of the loyalty program is to reward and encourage loyalty from the customers to you. Show them you’re worthy of their loyalty because you’re loyal to them and willing to learn what they like.

Share Your New Program

You understand your customers and have rewards ready for your new loyalty program. Now it’s time to spread the word about that program. Start with in-person interactions, informing customers about the new program when they enter your store. Don’t pressure them into joining, but make sure they know the benefits and rewards. Offer a trial period so they can decide whether they want to stay in the program.

Go beyond traditional word of mouth and dive into social media. If you don’t have a social media account before starting your loyalty program, you need to set up accounts once the program begins. Social media allows you to interact with customers when they’re outside of your store. Some platforms will also enable your customers to interact with each other. This open communication channel is a great way to encourage transparency between you, your customers, and each other and share your new membership program.

Listen to Feedback

Your membership program will take some time to get up and running. Once your customers start signing up and receiving rewards, you can ask for feedback about the program. Give yourself plenty of time to collect various forms of feedback, both at the beginning and as everyone acclimates to the program.

After the first few months, poll your card-carrying customers. Ask them about the program and rewards from start to finish. Some questions to ask include:

  • Did they think it was easy to sign up?
  • What could make it easier if it wasn’t?
  • How soon did they receive a reward?
  • Would they have wanted a reward sooner or later?
  • Were they satisfied with the reward, or would they have liked more control over what they got?
  • Is the loyalty card easy to read and use, or does it need modification?
  • How likely are they to stay on as a loyalty member?
  • How likely are they to recommend someone else join?

These are all questions you should ask to make the program the best it can be.

Make Necessary Changes

You’ll receive more feedback as you bring in new customers and your loyalty program grows. Listen to constructive criticism and apply it when possible. These changes may feel bad at the time, like you’re admitting that you’ve messed up, but they will ultimately help your business and loyalty program.

Knowing how to create a successful membership loyalty program involves knowing everything from best customer service practices to understanding how to accept constructive criticism graciously. If you’re learning all this information and want to start a program with custom loyalty cards, we can help. Silk Cards can create unique card designs that will impress your customers and make them feel special, which is precisely what you want from a membership program.

How To Create a Successful Membership Loyalty Program


Why Bloggers Should Carry Business Cards

Digital platforms and businesses are growing and thriving in this technological age, and nothing is a better example of that than blogging. What started as an easy way to share information, thoughts, and opinions has boomed into an entire industry that can bring in thousands of dollars a month for dedicated writers. If you’re a blogger trying to start and promote your blog, then you should carry business cards. Keep reading to learn why.

Good First Impressions

Blogging has grown in popularity over the years, and many people use it as a side hustle or main source of income. Despite the growth and financial rewards, some people don’t take bloggers seriously. If you’re ready with a unique, well-designed business card, you can show these naysayers that you’re serious about what you do.

Easy Networking

Even though many blogs are personal, they’re also a business. If you want to successfully grow your blogging business, then you need to network. Networking can help you find prospective business partners, meet new readers, and connect with faithful followers. Leave all of those people with a good lasting impression and a stunning business card so they’ll remember your interaction and business.

Better Communication

Since your blog is your business and life, you probably have your URL memorized. But you can’t expect everyone to also memorize that URL, even if you can recite it perfectly. A business card clarifies this information. Everything is already written down on a nice piece of paper, plastic, or metal so it’s easy to read and keep. Some card printers can even print QR codes on your business cards so they can take someone directly to your blog without a URL.

These are just three reasons why bloggers should carry business cards, but they’ll make a world of difference for your business. If you really want to stand out from the crowd in first impressions, at networking events, and with your visual communication skills, consider investing in metal business cards. Metal business cards are bold and memorable and will take your blogging business to the next level.


What To Look For in a Good Business Card Printing Service

You’ve poured a lot of time, energy, passion, and money into your business and want to hire services that honor that dedication. Many business owners struggle to find good services for the help they need, from cleaning their offices to printing business cards. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a good business card printing service so you know how to choose the right service for your business.

Lots of Options

You’re not a graphic designer or business card expert, which means you need a professional to help you design and print your cards. That’s okay. We’re all experts in different fields, and part of owning a business is seeking other professionals to fill in with their expertise. Once you find a professional printing service to help you with your cards, you need to look at their available options.

You probably already have an idea of what you want your business cards to look like, but you should have plenty of options to choose from. This allows you to find exactly what you want without settling for something less because the printing service doesn’t have a big supply. You’ll know a printing service is good if they offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing, high-quality business cards for you to pick from.

Affordable Choices

What you pay for is what you get. Depending on the size of your budget, you may not have a lot to spend on business cards. The right company will allow you to stay within your budget while getting the best cards you can afford.

For example, at Silk Cards, we offer $99 custom graphic services that allow you to work with a graphic designer to create custom cards without breaking the bank. While not every company offers these kinds of deals, a good company should offer business cards at a variety of price points so you can pick something affordable and high quality.

Good Customer Service

Business cards aren’t the only thing you want from a printer. You’re also paying them for their service to you and your business. This means the printing service should be easy to read if you have questions or comments during the printing process and after you’ve placed your order. If the printing service doesn’t tell you how to easily contact them, then it’s not a good service, and you should choose someone else who is always ready to help you.

There are many qualities to look for in a good business card printing service, but the most important ones are that they offer lots of options, are affordable, and have good customer service. If your business needs specialty business cards and you’re looking for a printer, Silk Cards is happy to help. We’ll help you design and customize the perfect cards that will help your business stand out.


Gift Card Marketing Strategies To Capture Customers

Your customers are the key to a successful business. How can you draw them in and get them to spend money with you? Gift cards are a quick and easy way for your current customers to draw their loved ones to your business.

Make those cards memorable and unique. Try these gift card marketing strategies to capture customers, and you’ll be well on your way to further growth and success.

Catch the Eye

Create a striking design that will stand out to customers. Print your company’s name in a prominent, legible font and use eye-pleasing colors. If you’ve already got a logo for your company, use it on custom logo gift cards to make your business stay in your customers’ minds.

Encourage Sales

Train your employees to suggest gift cards as a perfect add-on to a customer’s purchase. Implement incentives for those employees—if they sell a certain amount of gift cards, reward them for their hard work. You can even give them a gift card of their own!

Place Them Prominently

The cash register is an effective place to display your gift cards. As your cashier rings up the customer’s items, they can easily ask, “Would you like to purchase a gift card?” This technique is beneficial during holiday seasons. People need gifts, and they need them fast.

Host Giveaways

Encourage your customers to interact with your business. The promise of a custom gift card can make them want to pay attention and spend more. Try to interact with your loyal customers via social media. For example, if they post photos of themselves with your merchandise, the winner can receive a gift card.

Reward Loyalty

Gift cards are a perfect tool to integrate into your loyalty program. Use internal software to track how much money each customer spends. Sure, you could offer them a t-shirt or a tote bag for every $200 spent, but a gift card is a better way to ensure that they return.

Your business will grow more quickly if you develop a solid, dedicated customer base. When you offer gift cards, you create an easy way for new customers to come in and spend. Use these gift card marketing strategies to capture customers and brighten your business’s future.


An Extensive Guide To Pairing Colors on Your Business Cards

Have you grown weary of seeing plain white business cards with black text? More and more people are straying from the old standard these days in order to promote their businesses and stand out. The right selection of colors, fonts, and logos can boost engagement with your business, which translates to more clients and more revenue for you.

However, it’s crucial to be clever with your colors. Too many loud hues can clash with one another and clutter your card with visual noise. To be strategic with your color and design choices, read our extensive guide to pairing colors on your business cards and take a creative approach.

Color Psychology and Your Business

People associate different colors with different emotions and overall impressions. Depending on what your business does, the right color combinations can effectively communicate what you’re all about. What are your options? Think about how they mesh with your vision for your business.

  • Red is urgent. It’s a call to action. Whether it’s an expression of power or passion, different varieties of red make a person feel as if they need something. Many fast-food restaurants use red in their interiors because it’s believed to make people feel hungrier.
  • Orange is fascinating. It stimulates the eyes and stokes curiosity. Orange combines the power of red with the sunny optimism of yellow. Hand a potential client an orange card, and they’ll want to know more about your business right away.
  • Yellow brightens up a person’s day, whether it’s the paint on the walls or the card in their hands. If your business offers something new—a new niche, a fresh idea—yellow can draw customers in.
  • Green promotes harmony, especially with nature. Is the outdoors a part of your business, whether you’re a florist or a landscaper? Shades of green will get your message across.
  • Blue is tranquil and calm. It’s the color of a cloudless sky and, through reflection, a still body of water. It’s commonly associated with spirituality and speaks to the integrity of your business.
  • Purple is luxurious—it’s the color of royalty. With the power of red and the serenity of blue, purple evokes the stability and wisdom of a sage ruler. It’s authoritative without being too stark.

Other colors to consider include:

  • Brown is down-to-earth—literally. While pink is youthful and light, brown is stable, wise, and relays experience. A brown card tells potential clients that you know what you’re doing and have been doing it for a long time.
  • Black is elegant but mysterious. With a bright and classy font printed or embossed, you can portray your business as luxurious yet still on the cutting edge.
  • White is crisp and clean and signifies a fresh start. Without any color accenting it, though, it can also be boring and blank. Design is key! Try using white as the accent color to bring a bright pop to your logo or border.

Tints, Tones, and Shades

If you remember your color wheel from art classes in school, pure colors are quite bright. The full spectrum, while vibrant and unique, can also cause strain on the eyes. Luckily, you don’t have to use fully saturated pigments on your card. You’ve got even more creative options!

  • A tint lightens your color to a pastel shade by adding white (but no black) to the original hue. Pink is one of the most common tints, but you can also use lavender, baby blue, or a friendly pale yellow. If your business specializes in wedding planning, baby photography, or personal care products, pastel tints convey your message well.
  • A tone adds true grey (equal parts black and white) to your hue. Have you heard the phrase “tone it down” before? If your chosen color looks too bright, you can reduce eye strain by adding a little grey.
  • A shade darkens your color by adding black (but no white) to your hue of choice. This is how you get those rich jewel tones that convey a luxurious feel. Stop-sign red turns to a velvety burgundy with the right amount of black.

Color Theory and Pairing

To add visual appeal to your specialty business cards, use more than one color. A plain green card catches a potential client’s attention, but it doesn’t retain it for long. Strategize how you’ll pair colors together by looking at the color wheel more closely. Notice how the colors line up and interact with each other.

  • Complementary colors are right across from one another. They’re often called “opposite” colors. Red and green are a popular pair commonly associated with Christmas. Try using a tint of one color for your background and a shade of the other for your text, like pale yellow and deep purple.
  • Analogous colors are neighbors! A smooth palette of violets and pinks can increase engagement with your beauty brand, while a wash of blues and turquoises can entice clients to your spa. Remember your color psychology as you choose which colors match each other—and your business’s goals. Analogous color schemes are easy on the eyes, as they don’t contrast one another too much. Businesses that specialize in relaxation and self-care often choose analogous palettes.
  • Triadic colors create a perfect equilateral triangle across from one another and can really draw the eyes in! If you don’t have a color wheel handy, remember that this color combination spells out the whole rainbow. Red-orange (a fiery vermilion), yellow-green (a happy chartreuse), and blue-violet (an intriguing indigo) are triadic colors. Business cards with triadic color schemes are sure to stay in potential clients’ wallets for longer.

To create business cards that will entice clients and increase engagement with your business, take the time to pick the perfect color palette. It’ll pay off in the long run! You don’t have to be a professional artist or graphic designer to use color theory to your advantage. Consult with Silk Cards for personalized advice on how to create your ideal card, and choose colors that enhance your message. Bookmark our extensive guide to pairing colors on your business cards and don’t be afraid to get adventurous. Show pride in your business by creating the best marketing materials possible!

An Extensive Guide To Pairing Colors on Your Business Cards


How Gift Cards Can Increase Traffic to Your Business

Your current customers already know and trust your brand. When you offer gift cards for purchase, you inspire them to pass on their love of your business to their family and friends. Learn how gift cards can increase traffic to your business and maximize your potential with the help of Silk Cards.

They Entice New Customers

Let’s say a current customer buys a gift card for their friend. They trust the quality of your brand enough to offer it to somebody else. Then, when that friend enters your business, gift card in hand, they’ll explore everything your brand has to offer. They came in looking to redeem that card, but they’ll return when they experience your quality products or services for themselves.

They’re a Holiday Favorite

When the gift-buying time comes around every holiday season, many folks are on a time crunch to buy for all of their loved ones. If they’re in a hurry, they can’t spend time perusing all of your products. A gift card is a quick and easy purchase that increases convenience for your customers while still putting money in your pocket.

They Give You Data

When you connect your custom company gift cards to a computerized system, you’ll be able to see what people purchase with those cards. What are your new customers buying? Learn what jumps out to your customers and focus on those products.

They Encourage Promotions

Gift cards are powerful marketing tools that help you increase traffic. Make them centerpieces of your business! When you sell those convenient little cards, you can easily offer a promotion alongside them. For example, if customers buy $200 worth of gift cards, they show that they know, trust, and love your brand, so why not throw in an extra $15 gift card for them? People always love freebies, and selling gift cards gives you an easy opportunity to encourage larger purchases.

If your business doesn’t already offer gift cards, invest in them now. Gift cards encourage brand-new customers to peruse and obtain your products without spending their own money. Gift cards can increase traffic to your business in many ways, so let Silk Cards help you design the perfect ones.


How Custom Membership Cards Build Brand Loyalty

How many membership cards do you have in your wallet? Grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations—plenty of businesses we use each day have discounts and rewards programs that keep customers returning. Other businesses have jumped on the bandwagon to offer extra benefits to their returning customers. A membership card is an effective business card and a loyalty program all rolled into one.

It’s not just the perks that count, though. Your brand’s values speak more to your customer than any material incentives. Start that valuable relationship with a membership card! It’s a physical item that fits perfectly in a wallet, and it brings you and your customer together with the promise of a lasting business connection.

Give your first-time customers a reason to return by showing your brand’s values and tempting incentives with a single card. Learn how custom membership cards build brand loyalty and start designing your own today.

They Offer an Exclusive Experience

Elevate your customer to a member (doesn’t that sound tempting?) by emphasizing what they can access that non-members cannot. If you work in commerce, create member-exclusive products that people will want.

Consider adding tiers to your membership as well. The more your customer returns to your business, the more lavish the perks can be. Plus, it always feels good to be a “gold” member of any establishment. Make the customer feel extra important, and they’ll be happy to return again and again, especially if you have a “platinum” level for them!

They Enable More Customization

When you link your custom membership cards to a system on your computer, you can gather information on which products or services the member likes to buy. With this extra info, you can build a more personalized experience. Research has repeatedly shown that customers expect a personal touch and respond well to offers tailored to their needs.

Provide discounts or opportunities to earn points when the customer uses their membership card. That way, they’ll be more likely to take advantage of it. If you notice that they buy lots of t-shirts, for example, offer a member-exclusive tee when they spend 100 dollars. When you personalize the experience for your customers, they’ll be happier to return and rack up those points. Show them that you know what they like and dedicate yourself to providing more of it.

They Demonstrate Your Brand’s Value

When you build relationships with clients and customers, your goal is to present yourself as the best possible solution to their needs. Give them plenty of opportunities to interact with your brand, such as new-member perks and free exclusives when they level up. They’ll keep coming back to your business and will build their own sense of pride in working with you. And why not offer incentives when they tell their friends about you? Consider discounts or extra points on their card for referring a new customer.

The degree of care you show your customers directly affects your brand’s value. Personalization and unique experiences will make you stick out in their minds, and a membership card is a part of creating those experiences. When your customers feel like a priority, they’ll value you as a business.

They Keep You Relevant

Offering a membership program is an evergreen marketing tactic. Most businesses have “off” seasons where traffic and revenue take a dip. However, a physical membership card in a customer’s wallet will remind them of you.

If they’ve collected enough points on their card, it’ll incentivize them to buy a product or service from you. For example, if you sell holiday cards, but it’s only August, a customer with enough points may still take advantage of a discount.

They Save You Money

This point may sound counterintuitive if you’re thinking about all the discounts and freebies you plan to hand out. However, it costs 5 to 10 times more money to garner a new customer than to work with an existing one. Custom membership cards are a modest investment upfront, but they pay for themselves as your customers buy more from you to level up their memberships.

Plus, existing customers are more familiar with your products and services. They know you offer only the best. Someone who’s worked with you before will spend an average of 67 percent more money than a brand-new customer. This is exactly why membership cards have gained so much steam in recent years!

When you save money on trying to reel in new customers all the time, you can invest more in your current customers and amp up your brand. High-quality member exclusives will build a strong sense of loyalty in those customers.

They Increase Traffic

When McDonald’s implements their iconic Monopoly program, its sales go up by 5.6 percent. People are more likely to go to a business if there’s a possibility of a free reward. That’s the same principle behind buy-one-get-one-free sales.

Advertise your membership program and give customers a sneak peek at its benefits. They’ll feel tempted to spend 200 dollars if it means they get an exclusive item. It’s a win-win situation—you get their business, and they get to work towards a reward. Membership programs keep your customers engaged with your brand.

Even smaller coupons and discounts for 10 percent off will encourage your customer to shop with you, especially if there’s an expiration date on them. They may not have planned to purchase anything initially, but if they have a coupon expiring at the end of the month, they’ll want to use it. Reward your customers for their patronage, and they’ll have good reasons to come back.

Now that you know how custom membership cards build brand loyalty, you can more effectively implement them and make them work for your business. Customized membership cards are a boon to any business. They offer a personalized experience for your customers and encourage continued interaction with your brand. A unique card that they hang on their keyring or slip into their wallet will keep your business fresh in their minds. Silk Cards offers dozens of unique design opportunities so that your membership cards can stand out while remaining relevant to your brand. So contact us today.

How Custom Membership Cards Build Brand Loyalty


4 Ways Loyalty Programs Can Benefit Your Business

Few things are more valuable to a business than the loyalty of its customers. However, ensuring customer retention in a competitive industry is far easier said than done. No matter how low your prices are or how wonderful your products or services may be, another company will always try to pull your customers in their direction. So how can you get a leg up on your competition? Two words: loyalty programs. To learn about why you should start offering customers a reward for their repeat business, check out this list covering four ways loyalty programs can benefit your business.

Long-Term Customer Retention

We said it once and we’ll say it again: loyalty programs can help increase customer retention significantly. When they’re deciding where to shop, most customers will naturally choose the place that has the most to offer them. If they know purchasing from your business will get them a discount, reward, or special deal, there is a good chance they’ll give you their business. Over time, such positive reinforcement will keep customers coming back again and again which means your business will enjoy a steady stream of revenue.

Cost Savings

While you may have to invest a bit of money to give your customers discounts, incentives, and other rewards, the potential savings you can make by implementing a loyalty program are astronomical. Why? Because keeping loyal customers coming back is far less expensive than attracting new customers to your business.

Ultimately, acquiring a new customer will cost anywhere from five to twenty-five times more than the cost of retaining an existing customer. When you consider cost savings like those, making some room in your budget to start a loyalty program might just be the most valuable investment your business could make.

Boosted Business During Slow Seasons

Most businesses experience a slow season at some point. Unfortunately, a decrease in sales can place a lot of financial stress on a business and may even lead to its downfall in worst-case scenarios. Fortunately, loyalty programs provide a means to prevent sales from taking a nose-dive during traditionally slower times of the year. When customers know they’ll be rewarded for making a purchase from your company, they’ll be more likely to do so—especially if you decide to offer extra rewards during the slower season.

Increased Referrals

Many people enjoy bragging to their friends and family when they get a great deal. “You’ll never believe the discount I got! It was a steal!” Such statements work as free PR for your business.

By giving your customers the opportunity to participate in a loyalty program that they can brag about, you can significantly increase the amount of referrals they provide for your company. It’s a win-win.

If you’re interested in enjoying the many different ways loyalty programs can benefit your business, consider getting started with a loyalty card from Silk Cards. Our plastic loyalty cards are durable and compatible with a wide variety of POS and customer management systems. To take your business to the next level with our high-quality loyalty cards, contact us today.


Business Card Etiquette: Five Helpful Tips

A business card is the perfect way to get your information into the hands of potential clients and customers. When done correctly, you can include your brand, services, and contact details all in one small card. We’ve got five helpful tips for business card etiquette so that when the time comes, you know how to properly execute the business card transaction.

Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Our first piece of advice—and probably the most important—is to never leave home without your business cards. You know that feeling—you think about the cards and then tell yourself, I won’t run into potential customers tonight. Then, inevitably, you meet multiple people who could use one of them. Don’t leave home without a few of your business cards no matter where you’re going.

Remain Selective About Who Gets a Card

It’s tempting to give your business card to everyone you meet, especially if you’re a new business owner However, handing them out too easily doesn’t portray a unique service. Save your cards for those who you truly feel can benefit from what you have to offer.

Also, don’t hand someone your card without conversation. Slipping your card into someone’s hand during a handshake makes you look desperate. Create some conversation and you’ll know if the timing is right. During meetings and conventions, wait until speakers and agendas are complete, then offer your business cards during social times.

Make Your Cards Presentable

If you can’t seem to avoid bent corners and scratches on your business cards, perhaps it’s time to get a business cardholder. Rather than shoving a few in your pocket each morning, take the time to put cards in something safe that keeps them looking nice.

Face Them Up, Not Down

When you’re handing your card to someone, make sure it’s facing up or forward so they can see it. The card’s back side, which is often blank, won’t grab their attention. You want a memorable card that makes others want to read it after they walk away. So, get your brand immediately into their mind.

Double Check Everything

Whether your business cards are new or you’ve had them for years, regularly check them for accurate information. We lead busy lives; one could easily revamp an entire business and forget to change their business cards. Or move to a new address and forget to make the update on the card. It never hurts to check each detail and then check again.

Business cards are one of the most helpful ways to market yourself. Follow our five helpful tips for business card etiquette and enjoy the success those cards help to bring you.

At Silk Cards, our creative design staff knows how to make a business card stand out. We offer unique designs such as silver foil business cards as well as many other sophisticated and unique designs. Contact us or browse our online store for more ideas.


Maximizing Holiday Revenue: Gift Card Promo Ideas To Try

Gift cards are the perfect gift for both the giver and the receiver. They’re a quick way to scratch names off the list and receivers love receiving them. With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to plan for how you’ll maximize holiday revenue with gift card promo ideas. Don’t let the holidays slip by without taking advantage of greater revenue and attracting new customers.

Show Off the Cards

How will customers know you offer gift cards for gift giving? You’ve got to display them so everyone can see. Set up an area dedicated to gift cards. The entrance to your establishment or a place where customers stop, such as a check-in desk or cashier station work well.

Make the display eye catching and add some signage to remind customers that gift cards are a great idea for holiday gifts.

Take Advantage of Receipts

You’re giving your customers a receipt every time they purchase, so why not add an advertisement for gift cards to it? Use that piece of paper or email to point out how easy it is to order a gift card or to stop in and grab one.

Offer Deals and Incentives

We all like a great deal. Give others a reason to purchase gift cards other than the fact that they make a great gift. Here are a few possible deals and incentives to consider:

  • Purchase one gift card and receive a smaller gift for yourself.
  • Receive a discount for every $50 spent in gift cards.
  • Buy two $100 gift cards for $90.
  • Purchase a certain amount of gift cards and receive a month of free membership.

Plan according to your business and clientele. Use some fun incentives to sweeten the deal.

Create a Team

Form a gift card team with other businesses in the area. Advertise together, encouraging the community to support local businesses by giving the gift of gift cards this year. You can even display each other’s cards in your businesses. Communities appreciate the efforts to make shopping easy and pull the community together.

Utilize Technology

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to create an online presence with your business. Let technology help you promote your gift cards. Here’s how to encourage gift cards online:

  • Advertise on your social media. Let followers know they can message you with the number of gift cards they need, and you’ll send them out immediately.
  • Use your customer base to send out an email blast reminding customers you have the answer for easy gift shopping.
  • Consider ecards that are scanned in store or printed out and brought in, not just physical gift cards.

How Gift Cards Help Everyone

The greatest part of gift cards is the ease of buying and using them. It’s easy for shoppers to complete their gift list when choosing gift cards. Remind shoppers of this when you advertise. Let’s look at the benefits of gift cards for both the giver and the receiver:

  • Easy to purchase.
  • Allows flexibility for the receiver — they get to choose how and when to use it.
  • Low stress: stock up on gift cards and be done.
  • Support local businesses.
  • Brings in new customers as well as returning ones.
  • Easy advertising

Make Your Cards Unique

You may have the greatest company in the world, but if your gift cards look boring, others assume the business is boring as well. Make your cards pop so people begin to easily recognize the company as soon as they see the card. Your business is high quality and creative; your gift cards should be as well. Use the following idea to make your gift cards pop.

Make the Cards Durable

Choose plastic over cardstock for gift cards. Sometimes cards see a lot of miles before they show up for use. Plastic cards hold up better.

Show Off Your Brand

Just as you would prepare a business card properly, remember the gift cards you sell are also advertising your company. What’s your brand like? Include the right colors, style, and wording to correctly reflect what your company stands for.

Barcode or Magnetic Strip?

Decide if you’ll include a barcode for scanning or a magnetic strip for swiping, or both. This decision may depend on the time of equipment you use for reading codes and strips. Choose what’s easiest for your business and the customers.

Offer Decorative Cases

Include options for wrapping up or presenting your gift cards. This is another helpful service for those purchasing the gift cards. Small gift card boxes, bags, or envelopes helps customers complete more of their holiday shopping.

Design the Gift Cards

Now that we understand how to maximize holiday revenue with gift card promo ideas, it’s time to discuss how you can get your hands on the perfect gift cards for your business.

Choose a gift card design company with an excellent reputation for creative designs. Remember, you want unique cards that represent your brand well. A good gift card design company will have the following:

  • Professional designers to help you through every step.
  • Options in card materials, font, and size.
  • Samples to look at.
  • A willingness to understand your brand.
  • Excellent customer service that’s available when you need it.

It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is here. It’s time to help your customers get those gifts done so you can enjoy the holiday revenue along with the happy faces of your satisfied customers. Offer gift cards and watch your business grow.

At Silk Cards, we believe gift cards serve two purposes: to help the customer and to help the business. We also believe a gift card needs to be high quality and unique in appearance. That’s why we offer the best in custom logo gift cards and plastic gift cards. With so many people walking around with your gift cards, it’s important to make sure they properly represent the business.

Contact Silk Cards or browse our convenient online design shop to get your gift cards prepared for the holiday rush.

Maximizing Holiday Revenue: Gift Card Promo Ideas To Try


5 Key Things To Know When Ordering Business Cards

When you have five minutes or less to make an impression, your business cards cover you. When designed correctly, they convey your brand, personality, services, and contact information—all on a small, wallet-sized space. Understand the five key things you need to know when ordering business cards so that you’re ready when an opportunity strikes.

Your Card’s Colors Matter

The colors on your business card aren’t just decorative; they say a lot about you. Choose hues to communicate boldness, softness, elegance, or whatever mood you’re trying to convey for your business. Remember that you’ll want colors to flow as you create other things like notebooks, brochures, and magnets. Everything should coordinate.

Your Logo Should Be Clear

You’ve undoubtedly spent hours or even days coming up with the perfect logo. The last place to forget it is on your business card. Logos take priority, so make yours clear on your card.

You Can Share Cards

If a business consists of you alone, you won’t need to worry about which names go on the card. However, if you have a business partner, decide between the two of you if you’ll each have your own business cards or if you’ll team up on the same card.

You Should Include Contact Information

Imagine receiving your bulk order of business cards only to realize you forgot to include contact information. This information is possibly the most important item on a business card. Without it, there’s little value to the cards. Include your business email, address, phone, website, and social media.

You Should Consider Style

We all have style, but each person’s style is different. Make yours clear with your business card. Does the business have a modern edge, vintage vibe, or classiness and sophistication? Choose the mood you wish to portray, and go from there when choosing shape, size, and font.

Keep these five key things to know when ordering business cards in mind, and you’ll have cards that speak for themselves as you hand them out daily.

Silk Cards is pleased to offer the highest quality custom-designed business cards. We carry unique silver foil business cards and many other elegant and creative choices. Contact us, and we’ll help you design a business card that is unique to you.


5 Benefits of Adding Social Media to Your Business Cards

There’s a lot to remember to squeeze onto a business card. Business cards give you an opportunity to share as much information as you can about your business in a matter of seconds—and in today’s online world, social media deserves a slice of that valuable real estate. Let’s look at the five benefits of adding social media to your business cards.

Everyone Is on Social Media

We know; there are those rare individuals who avoid social media altogether. However, in the world of business, it’s highly unlikely. With your current and potential customers checking their social media daily, often multiple times a day, it’s a good idea for your business to get into their newsfeed and on their “follow” list.

Build Your Network

Social media is the gateway to networking. Gone are the days when late-night dinners were the only way to gather and connect. They still have their place, but social media has taken the absolute necessity of it away.

As you engage customers online and ask them to share your information, you are networking through social media. And as customers like your page or follow you, your business name pops up now and then, causing them to remember the services you offer.


If you think about it, would you find a business a bit less credible if it had no social media affiliation? You might. Don’t take that chance. Credibility is one of the biggest benefits of adding social media to your business cards.

Show Off Your Personality

Okay, not necessarily your personality—but your business’s personality, for sure. As you lead customers to your social media through the use of a business card, they know where to go to see your brand and what you’re all about. You can’t get all of that on the business card itself. Use social media as an opportunity to showcase who and what your business stands for and how you can be of service. Then, lead others there with a URL on your business cards.

Glowing Reviews

The first place many new or potential customers go on social media is the reviews section. Hopefully, because you run a great business, you’ve got some glowing reviews. These inspire comfort and trust in new customers. On the other hand, one may have some doubts and questions if a business chooses not to have a social media account to display reviews.

Now that you understand why it’s so important to display your social media information on your business cards, it’s time to get designing. That’s where Silk Cards comes in. We offer unique business card designs customized to suit your needs and make your company stand out from the competition. From our custom metal business cards to many unique shapes, Silk Cards is the trusted source for sophisticated and cutting-edge business cards. Contact us today, and let us design your vision.


Designing a Business Card for Beginners: What You Need To Know

Imagine networking or going out on Saturday night, and someone asks, “What do you do for a living?” and you stand there with no card to give them. However, there are worse things, like explaining what you do and not having a business card to back it up. It looks unprofessional and allows that person to walk away unimpressed and forget most of what you said. In this article, we’ll discuss designing a business card for beginners: what you need to know, so you’re never in the situation of having nothing to hand someone.

Why Business Cards Matter

Your business card is an extension of your business and a walking advertisement. When planning a marketing strategy, include business cards in the equation. You’re marketing yourself every time you hand one out.

If created properly, the business card reflects the style and tone of your business. That tiny card states your company’s culture, how you can serve others, and where to reach you. As a businessperson, you don’t want to leave home without a stack of cards.

Business cards also help others take you seriously. You can talk all day long about what you do, but it means little if you can’t back it up not only with proof but with a little effort as well. As you hand someone your card, you’re saying, my service is here when you need it, and I take what I do seriously.

Before You Begin

Before you begin designing your business card, it’s important to understand your business and what it stands for. Sure, you know what your business is about, but is it easily seen by others? Does your company express a certain mood or culture you want to convey? Is it serious, fun, casual, or elegant? When someone holds that business card in their hand and reads it, they’ll quickly come to these conclusions. Understand how you want your card to represent you, and begin designing.

The Shape

The average business card size is three-and-a-half inches by two inches in a rectangular shape. The size works well, but did you know you can have a business card unique from all those little rectangles? The shape of a business card is important. Are you in an industry that’s quite cut and dry, where everyone prefers a card that fits perfectly with others? Then the 3-inch rectangle is the right one. However, if your business centers around cutting-edge design and the latest trends, shouldn’t your business card also? Virtually every shape is possible with a business card; you need a designer willing to get creative.

The Size

Like the shape, business cards aren’t always the standard size. There are a few things to consider when choosing the size of your business card:

  • The country you’ll use it in matters. Countries have many different standard-sized business cards. As mentioned, it’s three-and-a-half by two inches in the US; however, other countries vary.
  • What do you need it to say? As you design your card, certain areas are considered safe for your text, logo, and images. The areas on the card are the bleed area, trim area, and safety area. You may need a larger card design if you can’t fit all you need in the safety zone.
  • How badly do you want it to stand out? A big card that screams call me first may work well for marketing and is harder to lose. Still, some find a bigger card harder to store.

There are plenty of pros and cons when considering the size of your business card. Much of the decision rests on what your business is and what information you need to get across on a card.

Logo and Graphics

Before designing your card, it’s helpful to know what you’d like your logo to look like and if you would like any other graphics on it. Your logo plays a big role in how others view the tone and style of your business, so choose wisely and make it pop.

The Text

Likely, you have a lot you’d like to say on your business card, but you can’t say it all. It’s like having five seconds to explain to someone what you do and how your service can improve their lives. That’s a bit of pressure. Jot down what you want your business card to tell others, then start narrowing it down into a realistic phrase or two for your business card.

Special Finishes

There are several special finishes to show that you care enough to create something special. Here’s a look at a few favorite special finishes:

  • Embossing gives a raised look to the text, giving a business card an extra pop.
  • Letter pressing works the opposite way, giving the text an indented look as though engraved.
  • Spot UV coating gives cards a varnish type finish only in certain areas, which is useful for highlighting a logo or any other important spot.
  • Foil Stamping creates a reflective and shiny surface (imagine tin foil) and is also great for logos.

Choose a Designer

With all the possibilities, creating the perfect business card is a smoother job when using a professional designer. After deciding what you want to say and imagining a few ideas of how you’d like your card to look, a designer takes those ideas and creates samples for you. They often run with your idea and turn it into something greater than you could have imagined. Seeing your vision come to life is an exciting part of the process.

Now that you understand everything you need to know about designing a business card, it’s time to get brainstorming. Decide who you are and what your service stands for, then contact a designer and get rolling.

At Silk Cards, designing the perfect business card is our passion. We don’t quit until your vision is complete. We offer unique services such as laser cut business cards, several shapes and sizes, and special finishes. Contact Silk Cards today, and let’s make your vision a reality.

Designing a Business Card for Beginners: What You Need To Know


Solidifying Your On-the-Rack Brand Strategy through Garment Hang Tags

These days, the savviest emerging designers acknowledge the fact that their products require the best printed marketing materials to gain a competitive advantage in an overcrowded market.

This is why they don’t hesitate to direct a significant percentage of their resources towards original ideas that make their items stand out from the crowd. A carefully designed garment hang tag is one of these ingenious details that may help new designers make a name for themselves, brand their products with more ease, and make their commodities truly desirable in the eyes of their buyers.