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3 Common Myths About Modern Business Cards

The earliest business cards were more about socializing than business, allowing socialites to announce themselves before visiting friends. Now, we use business cards to introduce ourselves and what we do. While there are still a few lingering similarities, modern business cards can still hold their own. However, there are some common myths about these cards that can weigh them down and make it challenging to design an exciting card. Keep reading to see how we debunk these myths.

You Only Need One Business Card

The most prevalent business card myth is that you only need one business card, even if you want to reach different audiences. While one straightforward business card is still an excellent introduction to potential clients or business partners, separate specific cards are better. With one card explicitly designed to attract clients and another to entice business partners, you can always communicate effectively with your intended audience.

Digital Business Cards Are Better Than Physical Ones

Digital business cards are gaining popularity since we live in an increasingly digital world. While these cards are convenient at times, they are not better than physical ones. Physical cards don’t require smart devices or internet access. No matter where you are or who you’re with, you can pull out a physical business card and communicate effectively.

Business Cards Should Look Serious

Our last common myth about modern business cards is that they should look serious. While you don’t want anyone to assume your business doesn’t care about its work, you can still create a fun design. For example, Spot UV cards display a bit of fun sparkle that makes your card stand out from your competitors’ serious, sometimes dull cards. Balance design innovations with the necessary information to create a card that doesn’t look serious, but still requires serious consideration.

We’re glad we can debunk these myths and help you design an effective business card. Our spot gloss business cards won’t distract from that necessary communication, but they will help your business card stand out.