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: 07/10/2024

Cold Foil vs. Hot Foil

Both cold foil and hot foil business cards do one thing very well: attract attention. It’s an effective method for catching the eye and getting noticed. Humans are naturally attracted to things that shine and spar...

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: 05/01/2024

Are Business Cards Still Relevant

Picture this — you’re at a networking event, and someone hands you their business card. Do you take it? Do you say no thanks? Are business cards even relevant in today's digital age? Well, we’re here to tell y...

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: 04/17/2024

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Hang Tags

Your brand takes center stage with hang tags. Custom hang tags are an essential element of product packaging to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.  The Role of Hang Tags in Branding Hang tags are represen...

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: 01/01/2024

10 Business Card Trends For 2024

Keeping up with the latest and greatest trends shows your customer base that you aren’t content with merely being average and you have a knack for innovation. Your business card is the impression you will leave wi...

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: 12/05/2023

History of Business Cards – SilkCards

Today, almost every working professional carries a business card with them. Whether you’re developing a side hustle, climbing the ladder until you’re the CEO, or working somewhere in between, people like to have...

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