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Different Types of Finishes for Your Business Card

Most people think that business cards are always bland. While these cards have an unfortunate habit of looking similar to each other, as long as they share pertinent information, some people don’t care. After all, the point is to share about your business, not put on a show.

The problem with this line of thinking is that some card recipients may not bother to read about your business if your card looks like everyone else’s. Even if they read your card once and take it back to their office, they might struggle to find it again if it looks too much like the other cards they already have. If you want to ensure this doesn’t happen to your business card, you must do something unique. There are different types of finishes you can print with to make a business card that’ll stand out.

Silk Laminated

Yes, SilkCards gets its name from the silk lamination process—these are our flagship cards. We started with this signature style because we loved its smooth texture and tactile elegance, and you’ll love it too. Silk laminated cards are laminated on both sides so that recipients can’t miss that unique texture. It also gives them extra wear-and-tear resistance. Our silk laminated cards come in various thicknesses between 16pt and 48pt. The thicker options allow you to order cards with a silk laminated finish and other special features, such as die cutting and spot UV.

Suede Laminated

In contrast to the smooth silk lamination mentioned above, we also offer a stunning soft finish with suede lamination. You and your card recipients will immediately feel a delicate, significant nap when you touch these cards. This textural difference compared to other cards will help set you apart. The napping also allows for more color saturation than standard paper cards, so the colors you choose will visually pop. We offer these cards in either 32pt or 48pt thickness, which is thicker than normal card stock and will also help your cards stand out.

Foil Stamped

Our standard foil stamped cards are also silk laminated, which means you can combine the sturdiness of our flagship cards with an even more unique finish. We offer 36 different color and pattern combinations on our foil cards so that you can add the perfect shine to your cards. Cold foil is also an option, which can give a more metallic finish than our foil stamped standard. Any foil will provide a unique look to your card and help set you apart from the competition.

Help your business cards stand out with these different types of finishes. If you’re ready to order foil stamped business cards, head to SilkCards. We can help you in your design process, or you can upload a premade design so that we can print the card of your dreams.