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4 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Important – SilkCards

Are business cards a thing of the past? Many young people entering the world today tend to think so. With so many easy digital options for sharing information, physical cards can seem outdated. However, there are many reasons why you should still be using a business card, regardless of age or experience. Whether you’re improving your marketing strategy or want to challenge yourself, business cards are the way to do so.

Business Cards Are Efficient Direct-Marketing Tools

As mentioned above, there are lots of digital options for sharing information. The internet is a great marketing tool because you can use it for everything from virtual business cards to QR codes that take people directly to websites and social media pages. However, many of these options can only generate loose leads. You don’t know what information recipients are learning and retaining. Maybe they’ll bookmark your website or follow you on social media, but maybe they won’t.

In contrast, you know exactly what information is on a business card. You can watch the recipient read it and file it away in their wallet, pocket, or purse. While you can’t make them refer to your card in the future, you can still trust that they have your most important information on hand through that card.

They Aren’t Stagnant

The life cycle of each business card is different. Some go in the trash, some sit on desks, and others end up passed to someone else. That passing is the beauty of business cards, though. You may give your card to someone who decides they don’t need it or who saves your contact information elsewhere. Afterward, they may give the card to someone else who needs it. This gives your business the opportunity to continuously grow without any extra effort on your part.

Business Cards Bridge Generational Divides

Even if you think there are better marketing tools that can go beyond one interaction, you still need business cards. Many business leaders have decades of experience and still expect an old-fashioned business card from professional interactions. If you want to network with these industry giants, you need to have a business card ready to hand over.

They Keep You on Your Toes

As you hand over your business cards to industry leaders, you’ll start to notice that these cards burn a hole in your pocket. The more you have, the more you want to give away. They’ll keep you on your toes and inspire you to look for more potential connections. While you can still share digital contact information, you don’t have a physical reminder sitting in your pocket inspiring you.

You should still use a business card for the reasons we listed above. Business cards are the key to making great first impressions and lasting connections. To unlock all these benefits, browse our business cards. They’ll help you stand out from the crowd.