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7 Beauty Salon Business Cards That Turn Heads – SilkCards

If you’re a salon owner or even a stylist who’s cultivating a list of repeat clients, you know how important building a brand and generating word of mouth is. Part of that is having an awesome business card that wows people as much as your service will. We have special insight into beautiful beauty salon business cards, so we’ve compiled the most awesome list ever.

Stunning Cosmetologist and Beauty Salon Business Cards

If you’ve ever wondered what a world-class beauty brand looks like, check out some of our favorite beauty salon business cards:

1. Alexa Grace, Creative Stylist

We humans tend to really identify with others’ faces. This card uses that to its advantage with a woman’s face as the focal point and finished with cascading tresses created through a high-quality foil printing process. The almost geometric style of the hair and face blends in with the architecture texture in the background creating graceful line work. This is a thick, 32pt card with colored edges that pop.

2. Lonnie Rivers, Hair Soldier

What we really love about this card is the logo. A lot of hair stylists tend to use the scissor as its primary symbol, but this one does so with the flair of the feather, creating a dramatic X in the center of the darker side of the card. And the logo use is versatile as well with a white version and a foil version on the other side.  This is flat design at its finest, too, with the exception of the spot UV on the name.

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3. Kieuvu, Hair Artist

Salons bank on repeat business, so it just makes sense to have a card that’s just a little more durable. This does just that in addition to the card’s war between hot and cold, frosted translucent plastic and hot gold foil.

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4. Lisa Del Monte, Color Specialist

Since she’s a hair colorist, we would expect her to know a thing or two about color, and this card does not disappoint. The big, chunky stripes with the curvy center shape draw focus to the dramatic pink lettering in the center. And to add a touch of sparkle, the dusting spot UV is perfect for that glamorous, glittery look.

5. M Salon

Simple, awesome, to-the-point. This business card is actually used as an appointment card with fields you can write in. This is a great strategy to ensure that your repeat customers come in on a regular basis: set them up with an appointment as soon as they pay for their current one. Plus, if a hair dresser meets someone new on the go, this is another way to create urgency and drive business.

The swirly M in pink goes perfectly with the business card’s pink colored edge on a white background, giving it so much more pop. Don’t forget to drool over the spot UV texture in the background with a spot UV dusting on the logo!

6. Roots, Premium Hair Collection

The tree nymph in this card is the real player here. With spot UV over the leaves and trunk, a beautiful gloss is created, bringing the design to life. There’s also a slight embossing on the business card that provides a tactile feel that just can’t be beat.

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7. Lynn’s Hair Designs @ Salon Studios of Corrales

This card also makes use of the power of face and really amps up the spot UV dusting in the hair. It’s an almost subliminal message that, “Yes, we can make your hair glitter like a princess’s.” If you look closely, there’s also hidden butterflies and leaves in her natural waves. Swoon!

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