Custom Plastic Gift Cards

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    Custom Plastic Gift Cards

    Magnetic Stripe 
    Variable Data 
    Embossed Numbering 
    Signature Panel 
    Hole/Lanyard Punch 
    Scratch Off with PIN 
    Spot UV (Silk Finish Only) 

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Custom Plastic Gift Cards

  • Custom Gift Card Printing

    Custom plastic gift cards can be a great way to drive repeat business. With over $100 billion spent on gift cards every year, are you taking advantage of this growing market? Expose your business to new customers by creating a custom logo gift card that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Give your customer the full experience. Go above and beyond and create a gift card that is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

    Quality Craftsmanship 
    Our custom plastic gift cards are made using durable PVC with the same stock and thickness of a regular credit card, giving them the real ‘credit card’ feel. Add to that our unbeatable selection of custom options like Foil, Spot UV or a Silk Finish. Only at SilkCards can you create a gift card people will truly love! 

    And to ensure that your businesses needs are met, our custom gift card printing services offer many features like: 
    Signature Panel 
    Embossed Numbering 
    Magnetic Stripe 

    **Please visit our Frosted Plastic Card page to read our Expert Advice for a better understanding of the product.

  • 30mil Plastic Cards are:

    • Gloss UV
    • Full Color, Full Bleed on BOTH SIDES
    • PVC White Plastic
    • Rounded Corner Standard
    • Tear and Water Proof
    • Attractive
    • Affordable

    Production Time: 10 Working Days*
    *Stated production time is just an estimate. 
    Additional options added to product may extend this time.

    CMYK 4-color process print at 200 LSI.

  • 1. Select the card quantity and print features. In order to get correct pricing, please make sure you have selected all the Add Ons you wish to apply.

    2. Make sure you read the Product Details tab and turnaround time.

    3. After adding the item to your Shopping Cart, please upload your files. Make sure you have each Add On separated in a different layer or file.

    4. Please add any important notes or questions before Checking Out.

    5. Once the order is placed and you have received an Order #, we will check your files for any obvious issues or questions.

    6. If your files are good to go, your payment will be Processed.

    7. Our proofing staff will prepare a finalized print proof and send you a copy by email within 24 hours.

    8. After you have approved the proof, we will start the production. You can track your order's process in your Order History. 

    9. Your Tracking # will be available in your Order History, once the order has shipped. You will also receive an email with your tracking #.

  • We accept the following file formats:
    .ai .pdf .psd .eps .jpeg (jpg) .tiff 

    Files need to be a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

    ***Vector files are ALWAYS suggested for best print quality*** 

    Document Trim Size
    3.375" x 2.125"
    85mm x 54mm
    1010 x 638 pixels @300ppi

    We require an 1/8" bleed.

    Final Artwork Size
    3.5" x 2.25"


Print ACCENTS that Make Your First Impression Spectacular

This is how we turn an ordinary plain business card,
to a memorable impression and conversation starter.


It’s time to upgrade your introductions

You’re looking for cards that do more than list your contact information. We create visually stunning cards that catch eyes and form impressions.

  • Variable Data
  • Round Corners
  • Perforate
  • Color Edging
  • Dusting Spot UV
  • Custom Die Cut
  • Raised Spot UV
  • Spot UV
  • Emboss
  • Foil

Variable Data

1. information that is not constant per each individual print
2. varying information that is being printed on each individual cards

Variable data can be used to print varying numbering, a specific name, varying contact information, or other variations of changing text print.

This is printed per line, and can help you to add a unique identifier to your cards!

Round Corners

1 : round trimming of corner edges of an object or material
2 : rounding the edges of cards to different radius. Trimming of corners can be done to all 4 or just 1 corner

smooth and well rounded cards make for a professional appearance.


1 : the cutting by machine of paper or card into unique shapes
2 : a skilled craft of cutting unique shapes into paper or cards

a technique mainly used on tickets and raffles. DGi has taken that concept, incorporated it with cards and this creates a great marketing pieces. Awesome ideas have been realized through the use of perforation.

Color Edging

1 : the painting or coloring for edges of objects
2 : a highly skilled craft of taking 24 standard colors and painting it to the edges of business cards. PMS custom colors available

Bold statement on edges of thick cards with vibrancy of colors will turn heads and capture your audience.

Dusting Spot UV

1 : Tiny pieces of sparkling material used for decoration.
2 : Glitter shine with a bright, shimmering, reflected light.

Make your brand sparkle and shine like a diamond!
The clear liquid uv with the additional of glitter will attract attention from miles away! Simply EYE-CATCHING and STUNNING.

Custom Die Cut

1 : the cutting by machine of paper or card into unique shapes
2 : a skilled craft of cutting unique shapes into paper or cards

Impressive way to brand your cards, available in Standard, Laser, or Premium Die Cut.
The PRECISE LASER techniques will ensure your cut piece STRIKING RESULTS. “WOW” your audience with custom die cuts

Raised Spot UV

1 : a thin gloss of material (liquid or film) used to add a bright radiant finish
2 : glossy brillliant finish with a RAISED EFFECT applied to paper to accentuate an area and add to the sense of touch

luminous way to make spot light of your brand. The increased clear liquid uv applied to your design elements will add a RAISED 3-D Feel. Impress your audience with RAISED Spot UV!

Spot UV

1 : a thin gloss of material (liquid or film) used to add a bright radiant finish
2 : glossy brillliant finish applied to paper to accentuate an area

luminous way to make spot light of your brand.
The clear liquid uv applied to your design elements will attract your audience. Impress your audience with Spot UV!


1 : to raise or represent (surface designs) in relief.
2 : a skilled and exact craft to raise the feel of a design element

Simple but refined to brand your cards with class.
The precise techniques will ensure your design will present a "WOW" to your audience.

Watch the VIDEO, the Card comes to LIFE!


1 : a thin piece of material (as metal) used to add color or brilliance
2 : shiny finish applied to paper to highlight an area

dazzling way to make a bold statement.
The metallic array of colors is a perfect match to our silky smooth cards. Stun your audience with FOIL!


What is 30mil?

This is the standard size of plastic cards around the world. It is a thick plastic card, the best example to compare it too, is your debit or credit card. Our 30mil plastic cards come in Gloss UV, Frosted, Pearlescent or Silk Finish.

How durable is it?

Our plastic is made to withstand wear and tear. The nature of plastic is to be durable and our plastic products will do just that!

Why add Silk Finish?

Silk Finish is our trademark product. Adding it to our 30mil plastic will add that level of luxury. It will definitely make your product stand out among the rest.

What is the Gloss UV finish?

Gloss UV finish is the standard finish for our 30mil plastic cards. It is a shiny finish and adds a level of professional class.

What is a custom order?

A custom order is when you have a specific size or quantity that we do not offer on our website. This means your order was priced out and custom quoted for you. 

How do I prepare and upload my art?

Download our template to prepare your art!

Or if you have files ready to go, you may upload those as well along with the template.

Custom Orders