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Can a Business Card Give You Confidence? – SilkCards

The original use of the business card dates back hundreds of years. Networking and building relationships are changing, so why should the business card remain the same? It turns out that old-school craftsmanship still has value for making your business card more than just a piece of paper with your name, company, and contact information. Instead, there are virtually unlimited options to give that little rectangle in your pocket the power to convey your brand at a glance.

The History of Business Cards

In the 17th century, business cards began as a way to announce someone’s arrival with all the appropriate titles. At the time they were called visiting cards and were also used as stationary. The earliest versions were about the size of a playing card. Because of the formality, much of their use was between nobles and other individuals of higher status, including royalty.

Unlike today when exchanging contact information is no big deal, these calling cards were meant to convey the extravagance and glory of the people they represented. That means they were adorned with ornate decorations and embodied the identity of the individual with flair.

You may not have a coat of arms or artisan engravers at your disposal, but you have to admit that the pomp and circumstance of the business card has been lost. Why? You should have pride in yourself as a professional and what you offer to potential customers, business contacts, and acquaintances. There’s no need to waive around your class status, but the design and attention to detail in your business card can speak volumes about your work. With that in mind, plain business cards can be damaging to both your brand and your confidence.

Building Confidence with Better Business Cards

Falling in love with a business card is easy, and having a business card you like will give you confidence. They’re a straightforward and to-the-point method of introducing yourself. The best business card in this day and age is one that correctly executes a fusion of design and technology. There’s no reason to simply rely on cardstock templates and inkjet printers when business card printers have the capability to do so much more from cold foil accents and business card sleeves to die-cut shapes and frosted translucent textures.

During conferences and networking events, you should have confidence knowing your brand stands out from the competition. Do your business cards spark conversation? Do they make the best impression of you?

Why SilkCards?

SilkCards has been providing superior business cards, plastic card products, and promotional marketing materials to customers for over 18 years. With each business card we construct, we carefully and patiently look at each design element. To us, business cards are more than just a way of providing contact information; they give your brand staying power long after your initial meeting is over. Your business card should continue to impress its recipient each time they pull it out and take a look.

Business cards absolutely build confidence. That’s why we’re committed to working closely with you as you come up with a design that represents your personality. Fall in love with a business card from SilkCards and discover the potential as everyone else loves it too.