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Feel the Heat of These 7 Frosted Business Card Designs – SilkCards

Just because these cards are frosty doesn’t mean your brand won’t sizzle.

Frosted Plastic Business Cards That Knock Customers’ Socks Off

At SilkCards, we know what a great business card looks like. Here are the 7 customers who went above and beyond with their frosted business card designs. 

1. Beautiful Aftermath

This gorgeous card pairs the unique font choices of this tattoo shop with the frosted and translucent look of the plastic business card. Not only is the material durable and stunning, which is perfect for such a creative industry, but the edges also gleam when they hit the light just right.

2. JPI Group

When someone has a stand-up and dependable reputation, they want to convey that reputation even into their marketing and networking materials. These cards do a stand-up job of exhibiting that quality with the robus and hardy material.

3. Kieuvu

Take a leaf from this hair artist’s book when it comes to style and sophistication! With the frosted design, a subtly tiled watermark logo in the background, and the stamped foil printing details, this business card is dressed to impress.

4. Lyon + Post

Talk about taking minimalism to a whole new level. That sleek logo coupled with the single web address at the bottom conveys who is talking to you and what they want you to do without saying much at all! The clear design does nothing short of turning heads.

5. Maku

This plastic card makes full use of the white blocking printing process with its creative splatter stripe across the center of the card. This and the frosty background do their part in making that red focal point even more obvious and eye-catching.

6. Matty

What a fitting design for a music producer! Just imagine handing this over along with a real demo tape (or is that all done through email nowadays?). The design does its job in making a statement and clarifying the industry, and the frosted plastic material makes it look similar to a real casette.

7. Surehands

This card is another great use of the white-blocking technique and makes use of the negative space for the knives. The smooth material will also withstand any manner of food and drink that might spill on it!

Try It Yourself

We have all manner of plastic business cards that you can customize with a number of features or printing methods to make it  yours, or you can request a sample pack that will showcase the variety of options we have available.