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Part of the process of selling a home is to conduct open houses. Although many real estate agents do not like the process of carrying out an open house, the activity is a vital one. Whether your a fan of open houses or not, it is important to get information out about a planned open house event so that you can achieve the maximum success possible. While the internet is a great way to achieve this, some traditional marketing methods still work great such as flyers and business cards.

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Why Agents Conduct Open Houses

Rather than showing the house multiple times to different people, an open house offers the opportunity to get a bunch of prospects through in one go. This also helps to save time and reduce the hassle that the agent goes through. An open house has the potential to increase the chances of a quick sale.

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Are Open Houses Effective?

With the advent of technology, house-hunting sites, online searches and referrals are some of the modern ways through which buyers purchase homes. This has led to a reduction in the number of houses sold through open houses. Unfortunately, less than 2% of homes in the United States today are sold as a result of public open houses.

There’s one caveat, though! Open houses still help in networking with industry players and finding potential clients. Real estate clients will get to know what potential buyers are looking for as well as identify serious buyers. Someone who shows up to your open house may not be the right fit, but you get a chance to sell yourself as a real estate agent and connect them with something else in your MLS.

Successfully Marketing Your Open House

There are some traditional and modern methods that real estate agents can use to inform potential buyers of the open house they plan to conduct. An agent should understand their target audience before choosing the most appropriate method. Here are some effective ways to get word out about your open house.

Post Flyers and Signs

Printed materials and signs are some of the oldest ways of getting word out about an open house. The printed materials should carry a clear message that is likely to have an impact on the target audience. Flyers should be distributed through local businesses and signs placed at intersections and busy streets if you are to achieve your objectives.

Use Social Media

Social media is the new sensation of the online world. With the proliferation in the use of mobile devices and increased internet penetration, this is a great way of reaching your target prospects. You also have the option of using various social media advertising avenues to reach an even wider audience.

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Upload a Slideshow or Walkthrough

Creating a slideshow or walkthrough and uploading the content online will help you reach those potential buyers who are shopping from home or are looking to relocate. These methods will give prospect 24-hour access to virtual tours of the home. Highlight the outstanding features of the home as you walk through and be sure to speak to them as though they were there with you.

Partner with Neighbors

You can partner with neighbors in the area to organize a block garage sale and conduct your open house at the same time. You’ll not only benefit from the traffic generated by the garage sale, but the neighborhood will come across as warm and friendly from all the activity.

Email Newsletters

If you already have a list of prospects and their email addresses, email marketing will be a cost-effective way of getting word out about an open house. These people will likely still be searching for a home, and your emails will act as a way of building a relationship with them.

Order Business Cards

Your business cards should include an area to write on. This will make it easy for word of mouth and referrals to reach more potential buyers. Once you get word out about your next open house, you should ensure that the process is a success. One of the best ways to achieve this is by enlisting the help of a home staging expert.

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