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8 of the Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals – SilkCards

If you’re a doctor or in the medical industry and struggling with building a brand and designing beautiful marketing materials such as business cards, we’ve compiled some of the best medical business cards we’ve ever seen. Look no further for branding inspiration.

The Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals

The following medical and doctor business cards just blow our minds:

1. right device

This card simply has an amazing and inventive use of the die-cut business card offering, with a unique speech bubble shape that indicates a stethoscope on the opposite side. You can’t tell from the image, but this card uses a suede lamination texture, which looks amazing with the embossed letters. The text uses a simple font, and the card doesn’t contain any unnecessary information. This allows the vibrant color and the company’s brand to really shine without having to cut through any noise.

2. mmj america

This medical marijuana organization uses the common leaf shape in conjunction with the medical plus symbol as the logo, immediately defining what they do in a visual way to create brand awareness. What’s amazing about the logo is the contrast utilizing the green foil business card printing method against both dark and light backgrounds. The airship in the background done in Spot UV is just showing off at this point.

3. Carver Chiropractic

This business card uses a very traditional color palate with the blue but combines a subtle die-cut with silver foil to draw emphasis to the minimalist spine logo. You can also see how thick the business card is with beautiful blue colored edges.

4. Illume Laser Services

Illume uses a gold foil to appeal to the high-end elective procedure clientele. This card uses a beautiful letterpress card effect combined with soft cotton stock. The gold colored edges are a perfect match with the text.

5. Health Literacy

This health literacy organization has an amazing Spot UV business card, letting the gloss do all the talking for both the lettering and the logo. The intricate lines on the brain are just stunning, especially against the blue colored edges.

6. Biolabs

This laboratory uses a shocking green in their brand, pairing beautiful green foil with green colored edges. The card is ultra thick, allowing for die-cuts on both sides of the card to reveal the foil layer beneath. In addition, the embossing in the background gives the card a little extra oomph!

7. Delray

This embossed business card has an innovative use of texture with the Spot UV logo laid on top of the embossed texture pattern of the background. The combination between the blue edges, matching with the logo, and the clean white background.

8. SmartMarket Dental  

Blue must be common in the medical industry, because look at those blue business card edges combined with blue foil and silver foil. The thick business card edges really make the color stand out against the dark color as well.

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