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6 Business Card Printing Methods to Inspire Your Branding Strategy – SilkCards

The days of common cardstock business cards with clipart thrown in for good measure are fading away. The printing methods and the effect these methods have on a business card seem to be limitless. Innovative and edgy business card designs are popping up everywhere and may mean the difference between a follow-up contact call and your cardstock card being tossed in the trash.


Your Competitors’ Cards Should Be Left in the Dust

When you invest in inspiring business cards, you are sending a message of confidence and strength. Anyone can print a business card at home, but taking the time to create something unique will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at these 6 business card printing methods that can inspire your branding strategy.

  1. Silk. The eye-catching design of silk cards will leave an impression right from the start. The finish is silk-like and soft.
  2. Foil. For a look of sophistication and high-class style, foil business cards are an impressive solution. The texture will be shiny and provide you with a richer, metallic appearance.
  3. Suede. Business cards made of beautiful suede are soft and luxurious in design.
  4. Embossing. This method involves decorating your business card with a raised design, either in the logo or a name using no ink. Embossing is sophisticated and clean with a dense texture.
  5. Cotton. Soft, rich texture of cotton business cards are unique in design and convey a handmade feel. Cotton business cards can be debossed for a classy look.
  6. Gloss. Eye-catching and artistic, glossy business cards are sharp and high-tech. The shiny texture is soft and water-resistant but does not allow for written notes.

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Which Business Card Printing Method Is Right for You?

The most important question to ask when you are trying to decide which business card printing method to use is: what message am I trying to convey? If you manage a personal training gym, you probably will not send a message of strength and power with a soft cotton card. However, if you own a spa where the mission is to pamper clients, a cotton business card or one with a silk design would be more appropriate.

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Your business card should work for you. It should send a clear message of what your business is all about.

  • It should have a readable font and not be too cluttered.
  • Include your name, title, email and phone number, and company name.
  • If you feel it’s important, add social media links and website.
  • A company logo is always a plus.
  • White space is not always a bad thing; too much clutter and your audience will get lost in too much information. has an extensive selection of high-quality business card designs, including suede cards, metallic ink cards, and textured cards. No matter the message you are looking to send, we are committed to providing you with an impressive solution to your business card printing needs.