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5 Awesome Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners – SilkCards

For most small business owners with very limited resources, the idea of elaborating and implementing a marketing campaign can be quite daunting simply because many of the strategies that they may have in mind require a lot of blood, sweat, tears and money. In reality, some of the most effective marketing strategies that any business owner can employ are very simple, time-efficient and inexpensive. Here are five such examples that may also help you reach your marketing goals on a budget without going crazy.


1. Become a Prominent Member of Your Community.

If your goal is to reaffirm yourself as an industry expert/influencer, you should start by showing just how much you care about your community and how you (and your product or service) could make a difference in the lives of so many people. Attend industry-specific events or organize your own, support causes that you believe in and talk to as many people as possible about your initiative to reveal the fact that you are determined and have the power to change things for the best in your sector.


2. Offer Substantial Discounts and Freebies.

Next, give people a good reason to give you a call, land on your website or place a first order. For starters, let them try your service or products for free. Offer free trials or free samples. Implement a gift card program that will allow current customers to share the love with friends and family that have yet to experience your product or service. Freebies work like magic due to the fact that they help businesses earn the trust of their prospects while building credibility and authority.


3. Be Helpful Online and Offline.

If you’re looking for more good marketing tips for small business owners, try to do good on every platform and channel that you are already using to promote your brand, including your website, blog and social media profiles. For starters, craft and distribute content providing the shortest, most relevant and accurate answers to questions that some of your readers may have in mind. Be helpful and be kind without expecting anything in return, and your efforts will be rewarded in no time. Here’s why. Your grateful readers won’t hesitate to spread the word about your generosity and the high-quality of your products and service.


4. Stay Active on Social Media.

Social media platforms are the bridge between your brand and your audience. Choose to consolidate it by posting high-quality multimedia content that does a great job at representing your company and products. Just be careful not to become self-centered. Instead of crafting copy that is solely about you and how great you and your merchandise are, making it about your readers.


5. Invest in Quality Print Marketing Materials That Do Your Business Justice.

Offline promotional strategies are just as important as the ones that you employ online. This is precisely why you should invest in premium print marketing materials that speak to you and put you and your company in the best light. Create and distribute unique brochures, flyers, catalogs, business cards, envelopes, posters and banners, to reflect your uniqueness and fuel your competitive edge. During this phase, make sure you use the best custom templates for your business cards.

Don’t forget that your business cards are an extremely important advertising tools, given that these materials help you establish a deeper, long-lasting connection with the people who may play an important part in the future development of your small business. If you’re looking for new, creative methods to boost the appeal and maximize the functionality of your business cards, get the best ideas from