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How to Make a Winning Impression at Trade Shows

  • Gives you a presence within your sector
  • Fosters deeper relationships with your existing base
  • Cements your organization as an established and reliable player
  • Allows you greater outreach to potential new customers

Building an effective trade show exhibit, guiding staff in best practices and traveling to and from the event itself isn’t always easy, but with the right approach it can pay off dividends.

Benefits When You Make an Impression

Every show you attend is an opportunity for growth. The audience tends to be plugged in. They’re engaged with the industry or services. Thus, you’re more likely to make deals on the spot in ways that you wouldn’t capture with traditional sales models.

Lead and data generation is also particularly high at exhibitions, allowing you to build up a potential customer database.

These events also offer prime opportunities for expanding your industry knowledge to maintain a competitive edge. By visiting with other exhibitors, you can see first hand what the competition is up to.

Regarding marketing and branding, show attendance offer ways to build your company’s reputation and assurance. By exhibiting, you’re putting yourself out on the field with your peers and competitors.

“By visiting with other exhibitors, you can see first hand what the competition is up to.”

You send a strong message that you’re capable of operating on the same stage. You now can build a niche market for yourself, especially if you’re leading a brand new company.

To fully set yourself ahead of the pack at a trade show, it’s important to remember these four key tips:


Be bold in setting up your exhibition. Don’t be afraid to position your booth next to your industry’s biggest leaders. This creates a strong message that you’re on the same level.

Team briefing

Brief your team before an event. Make sure your sales goals are known by each and every member of your staff. Ask them to set lead generation goals and stay accountable once it ends. Presence can create a network that you can use throughout the year to propose deals.

Stand Set-Up

No matter what your business is, your stand doesn’t need to be dull. Work to create an aesthetically appealing exhibition stand that will both communicate your message and draw potential customers in.

Once you’ve engaged with potential visitors, reinforce your messaging within your booth; Handouts, brochures, business cards, swag and more. Don’t be afraid to make your booth unique.

Get interactive

Building in an interactive element into your stand, such as a game or a prize giveaway. This draws more attention from potential customers and engages them on a higher level.

It makes your stand more fun and interactive while also allowing you more of a chance to drive your business and to gather important data.

Incorporating these easy but effective tips into your exhibition at a trade show will help you gain an edge on the competition and promote your company to a greater market.

Staying true to your purpose and engaging with potential customers through your participation will pay off greatly in the long run to offset any efforts and costs.

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