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4 Branding Mistakes That Are Killing Your Company Image – SilkCards

Branding may be one of the most important aspects of a business. It is how your business is perceived and can directly affect whether potential customers purchase your services or goods. Unfortunately, branding mistakes happen, even to smart business owners.

Branding Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

If you are a business owner or marketing director who wants to know why your company’s brand is not effective as it should be, you should be aware of four branding mistakes that you may be making right now that may be negatively affecting your business.

1. Your Branding Is Inconsistent and Sloppy

The visual aspect of a company’s brand is generally the first aspect of the company potential customers will see and what they will use to form an instant opinion of your business. You should take care that your brand reflects an image of your company that is in line with its goals, goods and services.

A well-designed logo or visual image should serve as the face of your company and will make the best impression. In order to maximize your branding, you should be consistent with the use of graphics, language, typefaces and images that you use on the different social media platforms.

2. Your Brand Has No Voice or Personality

A potential customer who comes across your company’s brand should be able to easily determine the message of the brand. It should have a distinct character that is able to appeal to your intended audience.

This requires selecting just the right kind of language that will embody your brand and that will:

  • Speak directly to your customers and address what matters to them
  • Provide factual information about your business and demonstrates why and how the goods or services you offer is unique
  • Distinguish your company from your competitors without being explicitly offensive to your competitors

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3. You Don’t Allow Employees to Help Build Your Brand

One aspect of branding building that can be easily overlooked is your employees. Your employees essentially serve as your company’s spokesperson every time they interact with a customer. They should be an integral part of your marketing plan and should be well versed in the company’s objectives and brand messaging.

4. You’re Not Investing in Your Brand

Another branding mistake a business owner or marketing director should avoid is not investing the necessary resources needed to keep the brand effective. This means investing resources that can ensure that your brand continues to appeal to your audience.

It also entails being prepared to be flexible with your brand and its message. This will be necessary as your business reaches certain milestones and as its goals or intended audience change over time.

Your marketing and branding budget should allow for professional services that can:

  • Monitor and manage your company’s online presence
  • Protect your brand online and offline

Building an effective company brand is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. As a decision maker within your company, you should ensure the brand accurately reflects the company and speaks directly to your customers.

It is important to understand your employees’ significant role in your company’s branding. You should also be willing to make the necessary investments to ensure that your company brand can evolve with the growth of your business and any changing goals.