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Ways To Add Elegance to Your Business Cards – SilkCards

Every time you attend a conference or networking event, you probably walk away with a thick stack of other people’s business cards. Those other people do, too. And unfortunately, most of the cards end up tossed out within a week. Don’t let your card get lost in the shuffle! Here are some ways to add elegance to your business cards and make them stand out.

Choose Classic Colors

What type of business are you in? What impression do you want to leave? Some businesses like to get a little zany with their designs. Daycare centers and entertainment companies can be examples of this. But if pink cardstock and funky fonts don’t represent you, go for more understated shades that still stand out. Deep jewel tones like burgundy and emerald will pop in a sea of white cards. (Don’t discount white completely, though! Light neutrals can elevate a creative design.)

Center Your Information

Plain business cards follow a pretty basic format. It’s clear and effective but doesn’t catch the eye. Keep your contact information front and center, and choose fonts that are clear and readable. If your phone number is in teeny-tiny text in a corner or your company’s name gets lost in a complicated design, then people will be less likely to contact you.

Catch the Light

A little sparkle is a surefire way to grab a potential client’s attention. When they shuffle through those business cards after the conference, they’ll notice when a card shines—literally. Silk Cards offers foil-embossed business cards that have a raised texture and a brilliant finish. Silver or gold foil pops against a white card and adds elegance to darker cardstock.

Create Simple Designs

Consult a graphic designer when putting together your business card. If you don’t have a logo yet, then you should design one that’s easy to recognize and not too complex. Avoid cluttering your card with intricate motifs; your logo should fit in the center or corner of your card. A simple, crisp, legible business card gives off a competent first impression.

When creating a business card, you should think of it as an introduction. You can’t take back a first impression, so get it right! These ways to add elegance to your business cards will get you on the path to success, and your creativity and the uniqueness of your business will keep you going.