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How Foil Accents Can Enhance Your Business Card – SilkCards

Do you want to add pizzazz to your business card? Redesign that boring old white card and create something that will capture the eye. Metallic accents are the latest and greatest in card design trends. Take advantage of all the color and style options available, and use that extra shine to your benefit.

The right business card demonstrates brand value and gives your potential client a taste of what your business is all about. Present yourself as a high-end business owner and let people know that you’re on the cutting edge. With the right color and design elements, a dash of foil can bring your card to the next level.

If you’re still not convinced, let’s look deeper at how foil accents can enhance your business card. Bring your business into the future with the latest business card design technology.

Creating the Perfect First Impression

Have you ever been to a conference or networking event? Everyone hands out business cards like candy and many of them get lost in the shuffle. What’s a better first impression to give a potential client: a piece of white cardstock or an artistic extension of your brand?

When you exchange business cards with somebody else, you have the power to create a lasting connection with the right card. Foil stamping or embossing will catch the light and encourage a second glance. Think of it like lighting: you want to draw attention to what’s important. In the case of your business card, it’s your name and contact information.

Plus, foil adds a touch of luxury. Business cards may well be your most essential marketing material, and you want to display the high quality and attention to detail your business offers. A plain, printed card may do the job, but a dash of foil goes above and beyond. When potential clients see that shiny foil, they see how much you care about every inch of your business.

Extending Your Brand

As we’ve mentioned before, a business card gives your potential client’s the first taste of your brand. What’s your target audience? What does your business aim to do for its valued clients? Demonstrate how much you care about your clients’ experience with an expert touch of foil. That extra sparkle speaks to the quality of your products and services.

Many luxury businesses that cater to a wealthy audience take advantage of foil accents. That shine is reminiscent of precious metals and gems, opulence and high quality. Even if you’re not in the jewelry or luxury car business, that foil tells your potential clients that you represent an upscale, high-class brand.

If you’re in a hurry but still want to make that upscale first impression, let your cards do the talking. Show off your sophistication without saying a word by offering potential clients a smooth, lavish business card with just the right amount of sparkle. If you want to present yourself as a high-end company with quality products and services, a silver foil business card says it all.

Showing Off Your Personality

Foil accents come in various colors—not just silver and gold. Choose from any color of the rainbow to set your high-class business card apart. Use the principles of color theory to match cardstock colors with shades of foil.

Depending on the nature of your business, foil can work to your advantage in many ways. Incorporate that foil into your logo to help it stick out in people’s minds. If your business has a unique and memorable name, print it in the foil color of your choice. (Use a sturdy, legible sans serif font if you decide to go this route. Make the foil an asset, not a liability!)

While silver, gold, and bronze are classic options for foil, dipping into the rainbow offers a glimpse of your personality. Make your favorite color an element of your business card, and you’ll be proud and happy to hand them out.

Starting Conversations

Trading business cards is an old practice and one that comes as second nature to many business owners. It’s often a bit of small talk, a swap of plain cards—and then you both move on to other potential clients. Simple business cards are stark and impersonal, just like the half-hearted conversation accompanying them.

However, if you add a little foil and extra color to your card, the other person is bound to look twice. Perhaps they’ll comment on your innovative design and keep your card at the top of their stack. Whether you choose classic silver or bold pink foil, your card will stand out.

As your conversation partner (and potential client) admires your card, you’ve got a few extra seconds—or minutes!—to pitch your business without feeling rushed. You don’t have to be too “salesy” with that pitch because your card is doing the talking for you.

When your potential client pockets your card and moves on with their day, they’re more likely not to throw it out. Stacks of plain white business cards are difficult to distinguish from one another. Meanwhile, your foil-accented business card will remind them of their pleasant conversation with you. They’re more likely to keep that card and give you a call.

When it comes time to redesign your business cards, forgo the monochrome look and add some shine to your brand-new cards. You’ll be proud to hand them out at your next big networking event or conference, and you’ll stand out among other business owners.

Invest in the perfect first impression now by designing eye-catching cards. Your design-savvy and unique look will benefit you when it comes time to impress potential clients. If you gently accent your business’s name with shiny foil, people are more likely to remember it. Foil borders stand out amongst a crowd of black and white.

There are dozens of unique ways to use foil in your business cards, and you’ve got a range of colors to try out in your design. Remember how foil accents can enhance your business card, and start designing the perfect one with the help of Silk Cards.

How Foil Accents Can Enhance Your Business Card