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Popular Foil Colors To Use on Business Cards – SilkCards

There are tons of business cards in the world, and most of them look the same—white cards with black print that occasionally feature a colorful logo or picture. With all these similar business cards, it’s difficult for your card to stand out from the crowd. While some people fix this problem with colorful cards and prints and unique shapes, other professionals prefer more subtle differences like foil. Keep reading to learn more about foil business cards and what popular foil colors you can use on business cards.

What Are Foil Business Cards?

Foil business cards are made from traditional cardstock and foil print. The foil is printed on top of the cardstock in any design you want, from logos to print to just the edge of the card. Foil can come in any color to complement the color of your cardstock, so you don’t have to worry about anything clashing on your cards. However, you will need to keep in mind that it has a metallic shine to it.

Popular Foil Colors

Since foil has that metallic shine we mentioned above, most people choose a metallic color. Gold and silver are the most popular metallic colors since they complement almost any color of card and print. People who want a metallic shade but something more unique often choose rose gold and bronze.

However, colors that are not traditionally metallic are also popular. Many people like red due to the bold, passionate connotations it recalls. Others prefer blue, often called the color of intellect, since it’s said to calm and clear the mind. Black and white are also popular since they’re traditional business card colors but look unique when done in a foil print. Purple is another popular color due to its royal connotations and looks especially elegant in foil.

How Should You Pick Your Foil Color?

With 36 foil color options and the 9 popular colors we mentioned above, you may not know how to pick the right foil color for your business card. The best way to pick the right color is to decide on the color scheme of the entire card. What color is your card? What color is your font? Are you including any pictures and logos that aren’t foil? If so, what are their colors? Once you know the answers to those questions, you can choose a complementary foil color that looks good with all the other colors on your card.

Gold, silver, rose gold, bronze, red, blue, black, white, and purple are the most popular foil colors to use on business cards. While you can always choose a color that’s not on this list, these popular colors are iconic choices that should complement the other colors on your card. If you want to order your own foil business cards now, we can help. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help to design the perfect foil business card for your needs.