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Well-designed clothing tags play a key role in a company’s branding strategy. Even though at first glance they seem unimportant, good hang tags can boost sales and brand awareness in the apparel industry. Some principles of design are universal across all printed mediums and even into digital ones. However, hang tags have some specific rules of practice that it would be wise to know in order to build the most effective brand ambassador for your line.


What Are the Elements That Define Effective Clothing Tags?

The most creative garment tags maintain a consistent look and are eye-catching enough to get buyers’ attention. Follow these tips to build the best garment tag possible:

  • Adjust the design for the target customers’ profile. If you’re selling baby clothes, the hangtag will be addressed to their parents but can still include something childish and joyful to remind them of their little ones. Teenager apparel should bear colorful and dynamic eye-catching tags, while a formal men’s clothing line should showcase elegant labels, perhaps in combinations of black, grey or silver.
  • Emphasize your brand name and logo. These two should stand out from the other elements. They will help create brand awareness among buyers and create a sense of uniqueness and unity among your products.
  • If applicable, include the clothing line name. If the item is part of a more complex collection, including the name of that collection on the tag could get your potential customers to consider the other products in the collection as well.
  • Don’t be stingy with your contact info. Consider including your business address, website, customer support telephone number, and social media links. Not only will you be giving customers a chance to provide feedback, which inspires credibility, but this can also help you boost traffic to your website and social pages.
  • Illustrate how to wear the garment. Suggest certain activities, occasions, or weather conditions for which the the clothing is fit. The hang tag is a great resource to show potential customers how useful your products are, and even convince them to buy.
  • Choose a representative image. It is a great way to draw attention, give the potential buyer an idea on how the item would look, or with what accessories of clothing items it can be matched.  
  • Include maintenance and care instructions. Educate buyers on how to care for your products in order to make them last longer and can increase their satisfaction.

With the right clothing tag, a potential shopper is more likely to be inspired by the overall message you want to send with your line, and they’ll have everything they need to become a brand advocate and avid follower of your products. By just bringing one article of clothing into their home, they’ll still have everything they need right on the tag you designed. 

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You Designed the Clothes, Collaborate to Design the Tags

Your best bet is to team up with specialists and design the tags together. This way, they will reflect your core values and your products’ strengths while also appealing to your target customers. Find a design specialist you can trust to help you choose the best solution for your needs and budget. This way, you get the fancy tags your clothing line deserves without spending a fortune or struggling to get up-to-date with tag design principles.

Contact 4ColorPrint today. You are one click away from the clothing tags that will turn your products and your business into an irresistible attraction for potential buyers.

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