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Effective branding is vital to the success of any salon. If you aren’t getting the number of clients you want, have trouble retaining them or see yourself falling behind competitors, it could be time for a salon rebrand.

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The decision to rebranding your salon is one you should make only after careful consideration. Customers are averse to change, and a poorly executed rebrand might only confuse clients while compounding your business’s underlying problems. However, a successful rebranding can help your salon overcome the challenges it faces while opening opportunities for further growth.

Signs Your Salon Needs a Brand Makeover

Here are a few signs to watch for that may indicate it’s time for a rebrand:

1. You Can’t Reach Your Target Market

You take out ads in the local paper and keep up with social media, yet nothing seems to attract the amount of business you want. It may be that your salon isn’t branded to appeal to the clientele you are targeting.

Make sure your salon’s aesthetic and marketing strategy is well-defined and targets the demographics you are seeking.

2. Your Competitors are Pulling Ahead

Your salon will face competition ranging from nationwide chains to sole proprietorships. It can be difficult for any salon to distinguish itself in this environment.

Compare your salon to its competitors to find out what you can improve. Your salon’s lighting and decor, advertising strategies and styles it offers may have to change depending on what you learn.

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3. You Can’t Keep Your Clients

It’s not enough to attract clients if you want to build a successful salon. Return clients provide easy upsells and are more likely to make referrals, which makes them a prize for any salon.

A rebrand can make your salon more memorable and welcoming to clients. Consider offering referral programs and group packages to bring in new clients and to keep them coming back.

4. You Have Multiple Locations

Sometimes it makes sense to rebrand from a position of strength rather than in response to decline. If you have multiple salons, you might choose to rebrand in order to let clients know that they can expect the same quality of service from each one. This can be a great way to get loyal patrons of your individual salons to visit your other establishments.

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You may also consider rebranding if you decide to open a new salon. It can attract new customers while exciting your current client base. Yo may also with to rebrand a salon you purchase if it has a previous history or an aesthetic that does not match your other establishments.

5. Your Salon Looks Dated

Fashion changes by the season, and what was once hip and modern can go the way of shoulderpads if you aren’t careful. There’s a big difference between timeless and passé, and if your salon is the latter, it could be time to rebrand.

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Beauty Salon Branding Strategy Done Right

Finding the right branding strategy can help you revitalize your salon and even attract a larger clientele.

1. Know Your Clientele

The more you know about your customers, the better you’ll be able to tailor your marketing efforts to better reach them. In addition, by keeping track of the most common services your clients request, you could have a better idea of what your clients want while identifying possible gaps in services they demand. Consider offering surveys to find out more about your clients, creating social media pages for them to interact with, or encouraging them with discounts to leave online reviews of your business.

2. Be Consistent

Your salon is in charge of helping your clients look the best, so it only makes sense to do the same for our business. Your salon itself as well as its logo, color scheme, typeface, and advertising materials should reflect a consistent aesthetic. In addition, any interactions you have with your customers, whether it’s in-person or over social media, should fit with the overall experience you wish to create. This can help you better appeal to the clients who are most likely to seek out the “look” you offer.

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3. Connect with Your Customers

The stronger relationship you build with your current customers, the more likely they will come back or offer referrals. They can also serve as an excellent source for advice about your company. Old-fashioned ways of connecting with your customers, such as learning about their lives or any regular services they like are still effective, but an active social media presence offers another avenue for engagement.

4. Take Advantage of Technology

These days, it’s hard to run any business without a strong Internet presence. Take a look at your website and check it for accessibility, usefulness, and whether it has sufficient information on it. You can also use technology to your advantage by making minimal use of it. If you are trying to cultivate an ultra-exclusive environment, you could rely solely on word-of-mouth to spread the word about your business and take only appointments made in-person.

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5. Find Your Position

What makes your salon special? There is a reason why your customers choose your salon over a competitor, and once you’re able to find out just what this is, you can build a strategy around enhancing it. Study competing salons to see what you do differently, and find out from your customers what they like best about your business. Knowing yourself is half the battle, and the people who know you best are likely the ones who pay you to serve them.

6. Build a Community

You can retain current customers and obtain new ones by building a community around your salon. Consider holding regular events at your salon, such as workshops or galas, and work to build an online presence over social media by featuring clients’ new hairstyles and discussing hair care best practices. Not only can this increase engagement with your salon and help you reach new customers, but it can also help to turn your most devoted clients into brand ambassadors.

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7. Keep Up with Changes

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that change is inevitable, especially if you’re running a beauty salon. Even if your salon offers classic styles, there’s always a modern twist you can add to them. Staying knowledgeable about changes can help you retain customers and might also help you find new ones. It can also allow you to improve the overall quality of your salon, as you and your stylists will have to stay flexible and continue learning new skills and techniques.

Decide on what aesthetic you wish to cultivate with your salon but make sure it appeals to your target demographic. A classic barbershop with a rockabilly twist might be better suited to a younger, urban crowd while a family salon could be a great place to build community in the suburbs.

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