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5 Creative Ways To Communicate Your Business Re-Opening – SilkCards

Businesses close their doors for any number of reasons. Recently, the pandemic was one of those reasons, and countless businesses shut their doors. Thankfully, many are now opening again as customers are ready to get out of their homes. In this article, we’ll discuss five creative ways to communicate your business re-opening. Get the word out and start growing your business again.

Everything Starts With a Plan

Ask yourself a few questions as you plan your business re-opening. Here are five ideas to get you started:

  1. Has the business changed, or will previous customers find everything the same?
  2. Are there special health and safety requirements as customers enter your business?
  3. Does the business have an online presence, storefront, or both?
  4. What’s your preferred way of marketing?
  5. Do you feel your old ways didn’t work well and you need new, creative ideas to get the word out?

As you answer these questions are answered, you’ll get a clear idea of the necessary information customers need.

Update Your Website

When doors close, websites are stagnant. One of the most important ways to communicate your business re-opening is to breathe new life into your website.

If websites are outdated and have no new information, they’ll turn away customers, who’ll assume nothing new is going on with the business. They’ll feel dismissed and ignored. Websites are for the customer—so show your customers that you care by using the website to your full advantage.

Blast the Re-Opening on Social Media

If you weren’t on social media before, it’s time to get on it for the sake of your re-opening. Most people are on social media and customers expect to see your business as they scroll through the latest posts.

Social media is free advertising. Post about your business re-opening every day. Ask friends to share with their friends. All it takes is a click or two and people you’ve never met will see the news about your re-opening.

Creative Business Cards

Now that your business is re-opening, hand out business cards to let others know you’re coming back. Business cards come in many styles, so make yours unique. Include all information necessary so customers see your brand, know how to communicate with you, and understand what service you offer.

Text Previous Customers

When the doors were open in the past, you offered ways for customers to sign up with their contact information. Shoot a quick text to all those numbers you have and get your customers excited.

As you re-open your business, remember to address their concerns. Include safety measures you’ve implemented so they know you care that everyone is safe. Let them know the re-opening was well thought out and you’re ready to serve them with enthusiasm.

At Silk Cards, we understand the special needs a business re-opening has and how important that communication is. We offer unique business card options, such as die-cut cards, to help your business stand out no matter what stage it’s in. Contact Silk cards or browse our online design store for creative ideas and assistance in designing the perfect business card.