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3 Things Every Fashionpreneur Should Know About Branding – SilkCards

For fashionpreneurs to successfully brand their businesses, they must have access to a buyer persona. The buyer persona serves as a three-dimensional model of potential customers and allows the yous to understand better what motivates those consumers’ purchasing decisions. 

While some institutes offer to create buyer personas for a price, it is possible for a fashionpreneur to create one of these personas on their own. This solution allows for all of the benefits of creating a buyer persona without the costs of third-party service.

However, there are three critical things that you must know about this process before you begin to brand your business.


#1: Initiatives, Barriers

One of the key things your buyer persona must do is allow you to understand why certain buyers decide to invest in your product and why certain buyers are happy with the way things are. Buying clothes is an act that requires customers to devote time and money to the act of shopping, so understanding their psychology helps you tailor your marketing and designs.

For the customers who are determined to buy new clothes but haven’t decided what to buy, it is important to understand the concerns they may have that cause them to buy from someone else.


#2: Buyer Success Factors

Perhaps most important, though, is that the persona helps you understand the results a customer expects from buying and wearing your clothes. Whether they are motivated by the thrill of a deal or fantasizing about how they will look at a party, knowing their motivation is invaluable for future marketing efforts.

Some people, for instance, will be motivated by the idea that your clothing is made in an eco-friendly way, encouraging them to buy your products over more traditional ones. The buyer persona can help you determine if this is enough of an angle to create entirely new marketing and hang tags for your clothes.


#3: Creating the Perfect Hang Tag

Some of the most important parts of branding for fashionpreneurs involve the hang tag, as this can be a big influencer for someone trying to decide which clothes to buy.

Accordingly, there are several unique challenges when it comes to designing the perfect hang tag.

One challenge is to make sure the hang tag reflects your target market. For instance, the hang tag for children’s clothing should have bright colors and child-friendly imagery. In fact, adding images to the hang tag is suitable for almost any demographic: for adults, your tag might model how the outfit might be worn, such as a blouse with a hang tag featuring that blouse and a complementary pair of pants.

Being able to visualize how someone will look wearing it is also vital for those buying your clothing as a gift. Aside from imagery, the text on your hang tag should be practical and relevant.

Examples include offering additional tips on how to wear the clothing along with a link to your website or phone number, allowing the customer to find out about more products that you sell.

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They key to branding for any fashionpreneur should always begin with buyer personas. Your ideal customers are what will lead you to be successful in the fashion world, in addition to crafting exceptional hang tags along with other relevant marketing collateral. At SilkCards we’ll help you design branding materials that your ideal buyers will be sure to gravitate towards. Request a sample pack today!