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13 Ways to Get Customers With Friday the 13th Tattoo Specials – SilkCards

In the tattoo world, profits play upon superstitions. As the tradition of Friday the 13th tattoos goes, each time the calendars align, people all over the world wander their way into tattoo shops in search of affordable ink that tells a story of Lady Luck or Miss Fortune. Each design must incorporate the number 13 in some way, and the price tag of these calendar-inspired creative pieces is the same as the date on which they’re born: $13 (plus a $7 gratuity to the artist).

Why Doing $13 Tattoos Is a Great Business Idea

It may seem risky to take a hit by doing a $13 tattoo versus completing a large custom piece at your hourly rate. That said, $13 Friday the 13th tattoos have been doing big business. (and for good reason!)

This is your chance to connect with customers and establish rapport with people who may want a more expensive tattoo down the road. Plus, since these tattoos tend to be smaller in size, It’s a great way to get some of your less-experienced artists some much-needed exposure.

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Friday the 13th Tattoo Specials & Promotion Ideas

Historically, Friday the 13th represents ample amounts of superstition and unlucky occurrences. For wise tattoo artists, however, this is one holiday that can prove fruitful well into the coming weeks and months.

How, you ask? Check out these primo Friday the 13th tattoo promos!

#1. Create a Pricing Pyramid

Naturally, you need to have the traditional $13 options available. Make sure they’re small enough that you don’t lose money on the sessions, and be sure to have an array of bigger, pricier options readily on display the moment customers walk in the door.

#2. Play with Your Luck

People will be looking for ironic art on this traditionally unlucky day. Have your artists draw flash sheets that incorporate a combination of good luck and dark-side themes so they’re ready ahead of time.

#3. Head to the Interwebs

Hit your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages hard, and be sure to interact with people who post on your threads so you can generate new interest from their friends and followers.

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#4. Show off with Signage

Your storefront should create mystery and intrigue. Put some inventive signage in your windows so passersby can’t help but learn more about the wicked awesome things going on inside your store.

#5. Put Your Art on the Catwalk

Find a way to get your favorite Friday the 13th design in front of audiences ahead of time by putting it on a model who will walk a catwalk. You can always airbrush it if she doesn’t want to wear the original forever!

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#6. Partner with a Painter

Speaking of art–commissioning a painter to put your work on a coffee shop or hipster gallery can mean big things for word-of-mouth advertising.

#7. This App’s on You!

Direct mail works well when it’s done right. Send out mailers with a coupon to a local eatery, courtesy of your company’s goodwill.

#8. Partner with Another Local Joint

If direct mail isn’t your thing, partner up for the real thing. Work with a nearby bar to concoct food and drink specials for people who patronize both establishments on this superstitious day.

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#9. Start an Instagram Special

Customers who mention you in a special Friday the 13th hashtag are entered into a drawing for a bigger and better tattoo.

#10. Invite Submissions from the Public

Ask people to submit their best Friday the 13th tattoo design. You’ll get plenty of free advertising; just be sure the winner gets something special, too.

#11. Show Your Hand

In the weeks leading up to Friday the 13th, have local restaurants leave an Ace of Spades business card with your information when they lay down customers’ bills. In return, showcase their business cards on your pay counter.

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#12. Have In-Store Merchandise Ready

Any great tattoo parlor promotes its art with awesome t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and other retail items. Have your shelves stocked so you’re ready to go with sellable merchandise that displays your artists’ talents. This can help offset the low cost of the $13 tatts.

#13. Promote Yourself with High-Quality Materials

Nobody wants to get a tattoo from someone who’s using his mom’s stationary to distribute his shop’s information! As a tattoo artist, your marketing materials must be as wicked as your body art is; in such a visual industry, you should have only premium tattoo business cards, flyers, etc.

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Stock up on SILKCARDS promo items to keep Friday the 13th from turning into a day you wish you’d done differently!

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