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Why You Need to be Cultivating Referrals from Past Clients – SilkCards


A happy client is quite possibly the best advertising you can get. They are willing to share the positive experience you provided for them. A prospective client sent to you from someone you have already successfully done business with is worth its weight in gold. Don’t be afraid

Several surveys and market studies show that people are more than happy to share a great experience they have had with a business. Every customer you have ever done business with has the potential to become your biggest brand evangelist.

The problem? You’re simply not asking. Many salespeople and business just do not ask for referrals from previous clients. When asked why, business owners typically state that they are afraid they may seem too pushy, which is a valid concern. So how do you get your referrals from past clients to recommend you?

The Right Way to Ask for Referrals

Be direct in your approach. The best solutions to problems are the simplest ones, and this is true even when it comes to asking your past clients to spread the word about how awesome you are. Reach out to your previous clients and genuinely thank them for doing business with you. Ask them if there is anyone they know, friends, family, or colleagues that would benefit from the same service they received. Without sounding too demanding or too desperate, come from a place of confidence where you know that you are the best. Let them know how much you enjoyed working with them, and how you’d love to offer your services to their friends or family.

The logic is simple: if people are happy with a product or service, they will be glad to recommend it to others, sometimes they just need a little push.

Time Your Request Wisely

One of the best moments to ask for referrals from past clients is after they have concluded business with you. At your final meeting, provide your clients with some extra business cards. Make sure to use beautiful and high-end luxury business cards to ensure that your clients hang on to them and actually want to share them.

Follow up within 15-30 days after the sale. Creating after-the-sale service is going to help you stand out from agents who disappear after all the papers are signed. You are building a rapport with your clients, making them more likely to use your services in the future as well as recommend you to people they know who might be in need of a quality real estate agent.

Make It Easy

Even the most raving fan will be hard pressed to start doing work on your behalf, so you need to make it easy. Ensure that you have your website and social media profiles readily accessible and known. Connect with your clients on social media if possible. Linkedin is a great place to not only interface with current clients but to generate new leads as well. 



Feature successful closing on your social media, tagging the proud new owners. Always get their permission first, but most will happily agree as this is a great moment in their life. Use this to earnestly congratulate them on their new purchase.

Some agents live for the close of the sale, but your opportunity does not end there. Provide a great buying experience, and you open a door that will allow you to turn your clients into your biggest advocates.

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