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The Differences Between Clear and Frosted Business Cards – SilkCards

Business cards are common. Almost everyone has made or received a business card, but after a while, they can start to look the same. Many people design unique cards now to impress recipients and prevent their cards from getting lumped together with everyone else’s. One impressive design choice some people are making is clear or frosted business cards. Keep reading to learn about the differences between these two unique card options.

Semi vs. Fully Translucent

Clear and frosted business cards look similar at first glance. When you study them closely, you’ll notice that the clear ones are fully translucent, while frosted cards are only semi-translucent. If you hold the clear cards up to a light, you can see through them as if you were looking through a window. You can’t see through frosted cards completely, but you can make out lights, shadows, and shapes if held up to a light.

Price Differences

Many card printers, including SilkCards, have a price difference between clear and frosted cards. For the same number of cards at the same thickness level, you’ll pay roughly $20 more for frosted cards. The price difference also depends on your desired design. We can print any design on any card, including clear and frosted. However, some colors and designs can appear muted on clear cards in an effort to preserve the translucent appeal.

Which Is Better?

Now that you understand the appearance and price differences between clear and frosted business cards, you can decide which is best for your business. If you’re on a tight budget, then you should choose clear cards, as they’re slightly cheaper. If you have a specific colorful design in mind, then choose frosted cards that keep colors bright.

These cards are similar, and you can’t go wrong with either option. Recipients will appreciate the unique elements of both and will surely remember your business.

Picking out the right cards for your business to make the best impression is important. Choosing a unique style, such as clear or frosted cards, is a great way to make the best impression possible. If you’re looking for custom-made business cards with these unique elements, SilkCards is happy to help. You can order cards with your own design, or we can help you design cards you’ll feel confident handing out.