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The Anatomy of One Bad-Ass Tattoo Shop Business Card – SilkCards

Boring business cards for tattoo shops and other creative fields seem like such a waste. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so why not showcase your style and innovation with all your marketing materials? That can start with one bad ass business card.

The Right Way to Design a Tattoo Shop Business Card

This post takes one of the coolest tattoo shop business cards and dissects each one to examine exactly what makes it work.

There are only a handful of business card printers that have the ability of making such a card, especially because of the two different foil colors on the same side, which is something most printers do not attempt. However, you can’t deny that this sucker is attention grabbing.

1. Metallic Gold-Colored Edges

The colored edging on this business card is what makes it really pop. This bold statement is not only useful for the initial “WOW” factor, but it also gives it a little extra attention if placed in a stack of other business cards that a potential customer has collected. It will be the first one they notice in the pile due to its fantastic color from the side.

2. Laser Die Cut

The laser die cut design gives this business card a little depth and a little texture. The lines are crisp and intricate, giving you the immediate impression that attention to detail was given to this card. When you get a tattoo, it’s important that those lines are crisp too, and this tattoo shop is telling you that this aspect is important in all parts of their business, including their marketing.

3. Three Layers Ultra Thick 48pt Card

Just imagine receiving this business card and feeling its weight in your hand. Just the simple act of holding onto this card gives a message of quality about their business due to the ultra thick stock. Their competitors in the area must be kicking themselves for handing out lower quality business cards; it’d be interesting to see how many customers visited their shop just from the look and feel of this card alone.

4. Gold Foil and Penny Copper Foil on Two Sides

Check out the foil accent colors on this business card! Not only does this card have two distinct cold foil combinations, which most printers do not have the capability of doing, but it has it on both sides of the card. This makes it look and feel like a million bucks and gives a killer impression.

5. SilkCards Silky Smooth Texture

This tattoo shop’s business card does not feel like regular paper card stockbecause it isn’t. There are other thick cards out there, but they are no more than normal printing on a piece of cardboard. This one is significantly different as it’s constructed in multiple layers, which provides unparalleled texture and the ability for many of the special effects named above, and it’s smooth and silky to the touch.
If you want to check these out for yourself, visit the site or order a free sample pack.