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How to make your brand more human – SilkCards

Even in this highly technical world, the human touch remains ever important. Connecting with a target audience. It entails building a compelling brand and making that brand more human. It means people feel connected with your brand the moment they connect with you.

Any company owner needs to be aware of the best ways to humanize their company to clients both online and in person.

Make Your Brand More Human

Building a compelling brand means connecting with your customers and being able to show them your human side.

Have a Compelling Brand Story on Your Website

Clients today respond to stories. They will visit your website but they want something more than stats and contact names when they get there. They want to feel connected with you and your brand. They want to read about you and your employees. They want to know how you created the brand, tested it and then perfected it for their benefit.

They also want to hear from others who have used your services successfully. In short. they want you to tell them your story and tell it well. They want a brand they can get behind, admire and talk about to their friends.

Incorporate Your Mission Statement Into the Day-to-Day

Don’t just tell our clients your mission statement. You need to uphold that mission statement and demonstrate it in everything you do each day. Your company must be focused on the values inherent in the statement.

All of your daily operations should be about demonstrating to your clients how you and your employees can implement that mission and use it to make their lives better. Your mission statement should be one of the foundations of your entire company.

Your employees should be able to recite it and then think about ways they can put the ideals expressed in the statement into action directly.

Take Note of the Non-Visual Brand Factors

Branding isn’t just about the visual. Branding is also about other senses. You want your clients to see your brand think about how that product makes them feel. You want them to think about how it might remind them of them how good your coffee smells or how the subtle flavors melt on their tongue.

“Branding isn’t just about the visual.”

Consider non-visual ideas like a business card made from unusual materials or brochures that have an underlying scent to them.

Incorporate Office Shenanigans, Charity, and Events on Social Media

Part of humanizing your business is to tell your clients what you do in between doing business. Think about how successful companies have done this. Many companies are deeply involved in charities.

Think about Home Depot. Not only did company officials sponsor Olympic athletes. They also ran many commercials highlighting their support AND they went out of their way to hire participants so they could represent America at the games. All parties benefited.

The workers had the chance for a flexible training schedule allowing them to hone their skills. Customers had the satisfaction of knowing they were shopping in a place that was directly offering help to hard working community role models.

You need to do the same. Tell your customers about a charity you support. Hold a blood drive at your company and then put the pictures on your Facebook page.

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