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How Sales Collateral is Used to Close the Deal – SilkCards

With the rise in technology, the sales funnel has been improved significantly. For one to make a sale, there are various processes to follow and sales collateral to be employed.

This includes:

  • Making customers aware of the product
  • Making them interested in the product
  • Having them buy the product

Technology has been able to make this process more effective and less time consuming by having software programs such as a customer relationship management software, marketing software and predictive analytics software.

The Two Types of Sales Collateral

There are two types, namely print and online. Print is used to create a relationship between the sales person and the customer. It helps to assure, give more information and validate one’s message. It can be used mostly on the initial stages.

“Print is used to create a relationship between the sales person and the customer.”

On the other hand, online can be used for the same purpose as print but online sales can be used on all the sales stages. However, it can only serve a few people who can access the internet.

The Role of Traditional Sales Collateral

Traditional is basically print sales. Print is usually in various forms. Some of the printed collateral include advertisements, catalogs, posters, direct mail letters and postcards, sales sheets, technical data sheets, brochures and printed white papers or case studies, among others.

To make them effective, description of the products, pictures and specifications should be put on the printed materials. The graphics as well as the writings should be customer friendly and should also captivate a customer’s mind.

In addition, one should understand the specific objectives, know one’s client’s needs, list the benefits of the products and most importantly speak with confidence.

The Role of Digital Sales Collateral

Electronics such as computers and mobile phones have become a must-have for everyone. Additionally, internet usage has been on the rise. This means that digital sales is very effective.

Digital involves using websites, word documents, power point presentations and pdf’s among others. Digital sales is way more interactive compared to traditional sales. Plus, electronic sales can be used in whichever stage of the sales process.

It is easier to communicate using a mobile phone or other electronics since it saves time that could be used traveling to the customer. One can give more information especially through the company website and can be used to target a large group of people.

The roles of digital collateral include creating direct market channel, providing value to the customers, building brand recognition among customers.

The Role of the Salesperson in Today’s Business Place

Every business needs a salesperson to assure growth. Though technology can and has assisted sales teams in areas of growth, the more common roles have stayed virtually the same.

Some of the responsibilities of a salesperson include:

  • Diagnosing problems and finding solutions
  • Analyzing customer needs and filling the gap
  • Finding strategies for marketing products
  • Exploring tactics of product and service selling

Overall, presenting the company’s products and services as the premiere solution to a customer’s needs continues to be a salesperson’s number one goal.


Generally, over the years sales have increased significantly with the rise in technology and innovation. This is because different software programs have been developed to make sales more fast and easy. In addition, most sales persons are becoming more equipped with digital sales strategies.

This has consequently increased sales with a very high rate leading to exponetial business growth.