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How Gift Cards Can Increase Traffic to Your Business

Your current customers already know and trust your brand. When you offer gift cards for purchase, you inspire them to pass on their love of your business to their family and friends. Learn how gift cards can increase traffic to your business and maximize your potential with the help of Silk Cards.

They Entice New Customers

Let’s say a current customer buys a gift card for their friend. They trust the quality of your brand enough to offer it to somebody else. Then, when that friend enters your business, gift card in hand, they’ll explore everything your brand has to offer. They came in looking to redeem that card, but they’ll return when they experience your quality products or services for themselves.

They’re a Holiday Favorite

When the gift-buying time comes around every holiday season, many folks are on a time crunch to buy for all of their loved ones. If they’re in a hurry, they can’t spend time perusing all of your products. A gift card is a quick and easy purchase that increases convenience for your customers while still putting money in your pocket.

They Give You Data

When you connect your custom company gift cards to a computerized system, you’ll be able to see what people purchase with those cards. What are your new customers buying? Learn what jumps out to your customers and focus on those products.

They Encourage Promotions

Gift cards are powerful marketing tools that help you increase traffic. Make them centerpieces of your business! When you sell those convenient little cards, you can easily offer a promotion alongside them. For example, if customers buy $200 worth of gift cards, they show that they know, trust, and love your brand, so why not throw in an extra $15 gift card for them? People always love freebies, and selling gift cards gives you an easy opportunity to encourage larger purchases.

If your business doesn’t already offer gift cards, invest in them now. Gift cards encourage brand-new customers to peruse and obtain your products without spending their own money. Gift cards can increase traffic to your business in many ways, so let Silk Cards help you design the perfect ones.