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How Do I Market My Real Estate Business Without Being Pushy? – SilkCards

You try hard, but it seems the harder you try, the less likely you are to get clients that close deals. When you’re a real estate agent, referrals are your best friend. But you can’t just pass out business cards to all the random people you meet. So how do you let people know about your business in the first place without appearing overly aggressive?

How Do I Market My Real Estate Business Without Being Pushy?

Here are a few ways to let people know about your real estate business without being pushy:

Put The Social In Social Media

It’s not enough to just advertise yourself and your services on social media anymore. People, who are constantly being bombarded by advertisements on social media simply stop following you. Instead, create a personal brand and provide something of value to potential clients through your social media outreach.

You might blog about a topic pertinent to your potential client based on their desired neighborhood, how you can solve a problem of theirs, or tell a story. This gives people a chance to interact with you and makes you more memorable. If your article or post is really popular, it also has the possibility of being shared throughout the social media world, thus expanding your outreach.

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Become A Problem Solver

In your work as a REALTOR, you are constantly helping people solve problems. Clients don’t just see houses as home; they see them as solutions. They are looking for a way to:

  • Get out of debt
  • Make an investment
  • Move to a nicer neighborhood
  • Find housing for their family in a new state
  • Expand their living space

Find what someone needs help with and offer to solve their problems. When you show interest in someone, it shows that you care, and in turn, they might be more willing to use your services.

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Publish an email newsletter

Digital newsletters have a high conversion rate with a minimum amount of investment. It’s a great way to let past clients and any other contacts know that you are still in business, you own your market, and you want to keep in touch with them. You can make your newsletter specific to your clients and base it on a geographical region, seasonal happenings, desired spending threshold, etc. Think of questions your clients might have and try to answer them in a newsletter. Always include a call to action at the end, which could be as simple as a way to contact you.

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  • Take time to get to know people.
  • Find out about their hopes and dreams.
  • Where is their favorite travel destination?
  • Find a way to offer advice to them.

If your client likes outdoor adventures, tell them which nearby hikes are great. If your client is a single mom, help her with resources. When you take the time to get to know a person and provide them with valuable help, they are more likely to use your services in the future and recommend you to other clients.

Networking doesn’t rely on being pushy. People are much more likely to remember you when post interesting content online, help them solve their problems, write pertinent digital newsletters, and take the time to truly listen to their needs. Above all, have fun and enjoy getting to know others as they get to know you and what you do.

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