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First Impressions: An Interview with Hendra Wijaya of Fortune DNA


In doing business in this digital age, we wondered how business cards successfully contributed to a company’s  overall marketing campaign. We recently caught up with Hendra Wijaya of Fortune DNA to discuss the first impressions made in business when using SilkCards brand business cards.

Henry, can you please tell our readers how your old business cards compare to SilkCards?

Night and day pretty much. When I gave my old cards to people, they’d just take it and put it away. When I gave them the SilkCards, I’d get amazing responses like, “Wow! This is a great card.  Amazing card! I love this. How did you do this? How did you make this?”

Basically, the conversation is already started breaking the ice. It’s easier for them to now ask what I do and then proceed from there.

You mention the ice breaker and how it opens up the door for you. Can you expand on that a bit more?

I think with the old card, people were shy to talk to me. They didn’t have much to talk about. With this new card, people will talk about it more. We can have more of a warm conversation… much more casual. Some people are nervous when they do networking.

This is how I feel when I give my card. I don’t want them to think that I am this person desperate for business. When I’m confident about what I do and I give them my custom business card, they feel a little more comfortable talking.

Why do you use such fancy cards? Can you save a little bit more money going to cheaper cards? Can you ever see yourself going back to your old cards?

No, I will never do that. Simply put, SilkCards basically confirms who I am and what I love to do.

It shows how much I love my business and that I’m proud of what I do. On top of that, I believe you need to spend money to make money.

Yes, it’s more expensive than regular business cards but it’s worth the investment. Potential customers see my card, touch and feel the card. They never forget my card. Hence, they never forget my face.

For example, I met some people I saw maybe three or four months ago. They all remembered me as the business owner with the awesome black gold card.

That is very important to me. That is of extreme value to me. With any of my agents that I recruited, I tell them… they need to have this card.

You mentioned that with your old card, people use to get them and put them away. When they get home what do you suspect happens with a Silkcards business card?

With 90%, I think this is what happens. To me, when I get a regular cheap card from people, normally I set it aside or, I’ll treat is as important as the card looks.

When it’s a nice looking card, I want to keep it. I rarely see anyone put it away. They just want to keep holding it.

So you consider your old card…

An expense.

…and your new card?

Definitely an investment for me. This is the way I brand my business.   

“Yes, it’s more expensive than regular business cards, but it’s worth the investment. Potential customers see my card, touch and feel the card. They never forget my card. Hence, they never forget my face.” -Hendra Wijaya

It sounds like when people hold onto the card, you say that the investment has paid off?


Would you feel that you have gotten business from this card?

Definitely. Not because they want to do business with me because of how awesome the card is. But it has increased the number of appointments. And they are more open to what they want to discuss. I’ve really closed some big deals and accounts. It stems from the confidence they have when they see my cards.

It sounds like that first impression starts with the business card and then the rest is up to you. Would you say that this business card represents your brand or the feeling that you want people to have about your brand?

I like the color scheme. It’s gold and who doesn’t like gold, right? I would not say that it represents me entirely, but it represents what we create for clients. Basically, we are preserving their gold.

How does it feel when you hand out your card? Does it gives you more confidence when you go to networking events?

I actually cannot wait to show people my cards. It makes it more exciting to go networking. I feel so much more confident and people can see it.

Obviously, SilkCards is more expensive than a regular card. What considerations were going through your mind when you was considering SilkCards?

Originally, I was worried. The potential cost of $1.00 per card, per person that received one; I really didn’t know what kind of ROI I could expect. But, when I explained to them what I do and handed them a card, it successfully backed up what I do.

The way I look at it, when someone gives me that card, I will look at the card. I will see that it is way more expensive than any other card I’ve ever received. I will think that this guy is doing very well. They are successful in their business. Hence, I will want to do business with this person.

In the beginning, it was a leap of faith. I though, I am going to do it and I am going to do it right.

People are paying more attention to what I say when I give that card. It gives them a little assurance that I need to listen to this guy. He most likely knows a bit more than the other guys.

Mostly, it distinguish who you are. I‘m not saying knowledge of your business is not important, but this business card definitely is a door opener for me.

I have an interesting question for you. Have you ever been at a networking event meeting someone for the first time and you hand you business card to someone at the same exact time as someone else. Have you experienced that the other person was almost shut out before they even started?

Yes, I have experienced that. it was a good friend of mine that I took networking we do the same thing. I brought my card. He had his cheap card. We both handed out our cards and when he looked at my card he was just quiet the whole time because the guy started to talk about how amazing the card is.

Interesting. So the card upstaged the competition before the competition could ever have a chance to present.

Yes, my friend couldn’t say much after I handed out the card.

That is a bold statement. The design of the card your card is pretty spectacular. Did you come up with the design or did you use SilkCard’s design services?

I came up with the design.

Amazing. Thank you, Hendra. Your time was most appreciated. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Thank you as well.