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Business Card Etiquette: Five Helpful Tips

A business card is the perfect way to get your information into the hands of potential clients and customers. When done correctly, you can include your brand, services, and contact details all in one small card. We’ve got five helpful tips for business card etiquette so that when the time comes, you know how to properly execute the business card transaction.

Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Our first piece of advice—and probably the most important—is to never leave home without your business cards. You know that feeling—you think about the cards and then tell yourself, I won’t run into potential customers tonight. Then, inevitably, you meet multiple people who could use one of them. Don’t leave home without a few of your business cards no matter where you’re going.

Remain Selective About Who Gets a Card

It’s tempting to give your business card to everyone you meet, especially if you’re a new business owner However, handing them out too easily doesn’t portray a unique service. Save your cards for those who you truly feel can benefit from what you have to offer.

Also, don’t hand someone your card without conversation. Slipping your card into someone’s hand during a handshake makes you look desperate. Create some conversation and you’ll know if the timing is right. During meetings and conventions, wait until speakers and agendas are complete, then offer your business cards during social times.

Make Your Cards Presentable

If you can’t seem to avoid bent corners and scratches on your business cards, perhaps it’s time to get a business cardholder. Rather than shoving a few in your pocket each morning, take the time to put cards in something safe that keeps them looking nice.

Face Them Up, Not Down

When you’re handing your card to someone, make sure it’s facing up or forward so they can see it. The card’s back side, which is often blank, won’t grab their attention. You want a memorable card that makes others want to read it after they walk away. So, get your brand immediately into their mind.

Double Check Everything

Whether your business cards are new or you’ve had them for years, regularly check them for accurate information. We lead busy lives; one could easily revamp an entire business and forget to change their business cards. Or move to a new address and forget to make the update on the card. It never hurts to check each detail and then check again.

Business cards are one of the most helpful ways to market yourself. Follow our five helpful tips for business card etiquette and enjoy the success those cards help to bring you.

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