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Branding Ideas from the Top Print Ads of 2016

Top Print Brands Offering Branding Inspiration in Marketing

Creating a memorable print ad for your target audience is anchored on a solid concept and creative design. The following print ad campaigns represent just a selection of innovative approaches to print.


Ogilvy & Mather stand out as talented print advertisement experts through Gripex campaign. While giving an alternative approach to allergy medicine, the main idea in the print ad is to depict a feeling person can relate to.

An effective marketing campaign depicts an emotional sense to the audience.

Rolling Stone

Created by DLV BBDO in Italy, the Rolling Stone magazine print ad works wonders for the Rolling Stone using a brilliant tagline. The tagline ‘we are made of rock’ depicts the brand’s products and attitudes in an easy way. The tagline also uses a signature-like font, which creates an aesthetic impression.

The choice of a strong tagline is a good marketing strategy.

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UNEP Skyline

The UNEP launched a striking ad about global warming. Popularly known as the Skyline, the ad drives home the message of global warming by raising an alarm.

Using Photoshop to create a skyline within the ice, the ad enables the target audience to recognize the underlying message quickly and efficiently.


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The ‘Big Cat, Small Cat’ campaign by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO depicts a domestic cat seemingly misplaced in different scenarios in the jungle.

The ad aims at exposing the much-hidden instincts of a cat. Through the ad, shot by George Logan, the cat is seen hunting down gazelles, zebras, and elephants for food. Further, the cat is seen bonding with a male lion as in a family.

This ad uses an animal to add feelings or emotions to an important message.

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Moms Demand Action

Moms Demand Action is an organization that aims at persuading the society to change its policies on gun safety, particularly when children are involved. The organization was founded in 2012, and its campaign compares two children in different settings.

One child holds a gun while the other child holds an object that is seemingly not dangerous. Through logos, text, and images, the American beliefs are portrayed as skewed and in dire need of action to prevent children from being hurt.

By incorporating a logical view in the advertisement, the audience’s sense of logical reasoning is invoked. The ad also uses pathos, which applies an image to depict the darkened lifestyle of children and persuade the society to protect them.

The saddened and downhearted faces of the children draw the reader’s attention and curiosity. The color red in the picture depicts blood, a clear indication that violence through assault weapons could lead to bloodshed.

The print ad thus incorporates a mixture of various design practices that make it effective.

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Final Thoughts

Taglines and images are intimately connected in any print ad. This denotes the importance of concept and design in any market-oriented print ad.

Using these and other design and branding ideas, not only helps in making an impression, but also in creating an ad that the audience notices, remembers, engages with, and ultimately acts on.


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