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Beauty & The Upsell: Subtle Ways to Increase Salon Sales – SilkCards

Your haircuts or nails might bring in the customers who want your service, but your products are the add-ons that make money. Upselling is a simple but often neglected way salon owners can can increase revenues. With a focus on beautifying clients and building long-term relationships, it’s easy for stylists to forget that sales is a major component of the job.

However, successful upselling can deepen relationships with your clients and increase their satisfaction while generating more revenue for your business. The key is knowing just how to offer your clients additional products and services in ways that entice them to buy.

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How to Upsell Beauty Products or Services Without Being Pushy

No one wants to relax for some pampering only to be berated about all the seemingly pricey items you have to offer. Instead, here are a few steps you can take to upsell your client while better serving them:

Have Confidence

It may seem simple, but you can increase upsells if you confidently communicate with your clients. Some stylists are afraid of sounding pushy, but offering upsells is actually a way you can offer better service.

Your clients are looking for advice from a beauty expert. They already trust you with their haircut, so build on that relationship and make recommendations for other services that you think can benefit them. This is an easy way to improve client satisfaction and retention while building your ticket.

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Know When to Upsell

A consultation can be the perfect time to gather information for the upsell. Take some time before their appointment to speak with your client. Learn their needs, habits, and what types of services they will benefit from most.

During the appointment is the best time to upsell. Your client is already buying services from you, so don’t be afraid to offer them more if you sense they might be receptive.

Keep These Upsell Techniques in Mind

  • Put the client, not the product, first. Shape your pitch around the benefits your client can receive from additional products or services rather than simply asking them if they want a color treatment or better kind of mousse.
  • Ask your client open-ended questions such as what they do to care for their hair or what their plans are after the appointment. This can give you an idea of what services or products to offer.
  • Compliment them! “Your natural curls are wonderful. You know what would take them to the next level?”
  • Remember the ones who buy product. If you have a repeat client who is receptive to upsells, assume they will want the same during their next visit. This is an easy way to build your ticket while also making you seem attentive to their needs.
  • Use products during the appointment as a promotion. “This smells really good; I use it on all my clients.” If they like the product, they might pick some up for themselves.

Know What to Offer

Offer your clients packages of services tailored to a variety of different budgets and schedules. One client might not be able to afford a full color treatment but will gladly purchase a shampoo and conditioning. Likewise, another client will have the time and money to purchase all three.

By tailoring the right package for different clients, you can make it easier to upsell. All it takes is getting to know your client while they’re in the chair. Build rapport!

Plan for the Future

Even if you are unable to make an upsell, by learning about your clients, you can prepare for their next visit and be ready to upsell them then. Take a note of any information you may have gathered from your client so you are ready for their next appointment. They will also appreciate that you have taken the time to remember them and are ready to serve them again the next time they see you.

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