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5 Obvious Reasons Why Membership Cards Can Turn Into Profits

There is a reason that large, successful businesses use membership cards as an important part of their marketing strategy.

Membership cards = Profits.

 It’s the market secret that people know works but has for so long been cost-prohibitive and out of reach to small and mid-sized businesses looking to grow. But with improvements in technology, this trade secret can now become a reality for more business leaders, turning customers into a community of loyal followers who not only “buy, buy, buy” but help you promote your brand.  

What Is a Membership Card?

A membership card is a physical plastic card designed and branded for your business that represents a customer’s membership in a loyalty program. In today’s highly competitive global marketplace the loyalty of customers is hard earned.

With so many choices and bombardment of completing products and services from multiple-channels: Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, push notifications, etc., it is getting harder and harder to acquire and and retain loyal customers.

  • 68% of customers lost to a competitor are never coming back. Acquiring and retaining customers is important, and membership cards are how it’s done.
  • 67% of consumers will switch brands/companies in order to obtain the benefits of membership programs, even though 20% of members never even redeem future benefits like points that they earn.

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How Membership Cards Yield Results

1. They reinforce your brand.

Your brand is important. It’s who you are. It’s how customers recognize you. And it’s why they keep coming back. Consumers today want to be a part of something. Their brands become their identity. In order for your customers to feel like your brand is a part of them, you must make them feel that they belong to something important and that you value them not only as consumers but as individuals.

With a sleek design, and customized branded look and feel, you can provide them with a very physical reminder of how your products and services make them feel like they are part of your brand and it is part of them. Pulling your card out at a counter makes them feel important and valued and ultimately this is what drives brand success today.

2. They encourage more repeat visits.

Through a physical presence in their wallet, you have an ad that just keeps on “airing.” And unlike impersonal ads that speak to entire target demographic, this one is unique to them. It is their membership. Each time they see the card as they are reaching for their debit card, it is a reminder of the brand, the business and how they can earn points, get special freebies or discounts because they are a member.

3. Customers always have fast access to your goods and services.

Your information is right on your card. If they want to call you, visit your site or make a purchase, they have all of your information easily accessible to them.

4. You’ll get bang for your dollar.

Physical cards are the best way to spend customer retention marketing dollars. They work. When presented with an option to buy from you and receive a reward or switch to a competitor, the membership card is a strong decision driver.

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5. There is potential for superior ROI.

According to research, 20% of customers who are in membership programs will increase the number of visits by 20%. How does this translate to a return on your investment? Consider the average spent per visit, and you do the math. Considering the affordability of membership cards today, there is huge potential for increasing profits.

Make Membership Cards Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Membership cards are more affordable than ever, putting them in reach of small to mid-size companies who can now realize the great success experienced for decades by their much larger peers. Increasingly, these companies are turning to physical, plastic cards because of the success that they achieve. It’s time to give customers the special treatment that they demand to be your loyal customers. It’s time to make membership cards an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Here at SilkCards, we have the capability to design your plastic membership cards using a number of different high-quality printing methods such as Spot UV, foiling, barcoding, and much more. Find out about what makes our craftsmanship special and how we can help you enhance your membership campaign and branding strategy by contacting us today.