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Why should you have empty white space on the back of your business card when you can utilize all of the space you’re paying for? Neglecting to use the back to your advantage could be seen as a missed opportunity to tell the world who you are, what you do and what you stand for in a truly creative manner.

At the same time, using this valuable space to simply copy and paste the logo that you’ve already displayed on the front would be another big mistake, potentially indicating that you lack inspiration. So what type of information should you actually place on the back of your business cards? Here are a few ideas that may appeal to you and inspire your new business card design.

Ideas for the Back of a Business Card

Here are just a few ways you can make the best use of the back of a business card:

1. Give Them More

Include a link or a QR code that leads to a special offer on the back of your card. Instead of simply reading and disposing of your card, the recipient will then have to scan it and may be directed to your website to download a helpful piece of content (win them over!).

Display text on the card to give a hint of the benefit you’re offering and entice them to go to your offer. Once you hand out your business card to individuals or business owners who are looking for solutions and understand your value proposition, they will be dying to land on your website and find out how you can help.

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2. Promote Your Media

These days, most peopleand probably a large segment of your potential clientsare truly fond of multimedia elements allowing them to grasp and assimilate larger amounts of information in a more entertaining manner. This is the main reason why you should consider using the back of your business card to promote a video conveying important aspects about your brand, product, or service that has already been posted on your website, blog, and/or social media profiles.

Add the video via a QR code or link to boost its odds of going viral and help your prospects find out more about your business. Such a promotional strategy is a fantastic asset especially for individuals operating in a digitally animated sector such as videographers, film directors or animators.

3. Testimonials and Reviews

A positive testimonial or review, especially from someone well-known your industry, is a valuable form of social proof which can help you attract new clients. Choose one of the best your business has received for your cards, and you could spark immediate interest in your business.

4. Referral Offer

One way to increase the longevity of your cards is to put a referral incentive on the back of them. “For each new client you refer, you get 25% off X service or product.” This will encourage your customers to hold onto your cards and actively promoting your company by word of mouth from time to time.

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5. Statistics

Include statistics relevant to your industry such as how often someone might need the products or services you offer. The recipient can then quickly grasp just how valuable your business could be to them and become a customer.

6. Include a Map

If your business is small or hard-to-find, a map could make it much easier for potential customers to find you. They’ll have a visual reminder of your business and might be more likely to visit you if they happen to be in your area. Plus, this is a visually interesting and out-of-the-box way to convey your address rather than simply writing it out.

7. Showcase Your Portfolio

If you work in the visual arts, the back of your business card could be used as a peek into your portfolio. Choose one or two of your best projects so far and use the blank space as a mini portfolio. This idea can do wonders for graphic designers, illustrators and photographers who are fully aware that a well-chosen image is worth more than a thousand words. Use caution, however, to ensure that the images that are chosen are clear and visible despite the small space. Even in noncreative industries, you can always think of creative ways to show off some examples of your work.

8. Your Picture

Giving your customers the chance to put a face to your business can help you stand out from your competitors by making you more approachable. This can be especially important if you are a sole proprietorship or if you play an outsized role in your business.

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9. Company Tagline

Your business cards should be integrated into your broader branding strategies. Place your company’s tagline prominently on the back to draw attention to it, allowing the receiver to quickly and easily learn what your business has to offer.

10. Turn It into a Stamp Card

Offer a discount or a freebie after every five or tenth visit, and your new customers could hold onto your business card for a long time in addition to being incentivized to come for repeat business. (e.g. Buy 5 sandwiches and get the 6th free!)

11. Social Media

With the profusion of social media sites, the front of your business card can easily get crowded if you try to place all of your contact information on it. Reserve the back for all of your social media handles, saving the front for more traditional contact information.

12. Include a Magnet

Keep your business card top of mind by making it easy to keep around. Include a magnet on the back of your card, and whoever receives it can place it  on their refrigerator, computer, office cabinet or any other surface nearby.

13. Make It a Coupon

Turn the back of your card into a coupon and you could see more of your business cards bring in customers. It’s no secret that people love the things that they get for free from just about any type of brand, so you should think about encouraging people who may be interested in what you’re selling to give your products or services a try by offering them a substantial discount or a free sample.  A discount or a two-for-one offer provide strong incentives for someone to take a chance on your business and could help you win repeat customers.

14. A Simple Design

Sometimes less is more, and a simple design based on your logo or which references the services you offer could help to make your card more memorable and aesthetically pleasing than a blank card. Instead of opting for a plain color scheme, go for a colorful background with whimsical graphics that relate to your industry or a different type of customized element with prominent symbolism to reinforce your brand image and reveal a glimpse of your fascinating personality. However, you should refrain from relying on generic swirls or patterns and instead take the time to create your own.

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At the end of the day, there are many ways in which you could fill the blank space on your business card to create a longer-lasting, positive impression. If you’re looking for fresh ideas for your improved business card design, get them from and take pride in a truly stunning and effective advertising tool.