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What Is the Best Card Stock for Business Cards? – SilkCards

You’ve finally decided on your colors and logo, and you realize that as a business owner, your business cards shouldn’t be an afterthought but rather a part of your first impression with a potential client. You’ve also been to enough networking events to know that your card needs to stand out in the sea of business cards that get passed around.

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Now you just need to have an expertly crafted business card designed and printed on professional looking card stock. It can be difficult to find the “best” stock for your cards as there are thousands of companies to choose from, and each one seems to have a proprietary naming convention for those card stocks.

Common Card Stocks for Business Cards

The most common card stocks for business cards are (in order of increasing thickness) 100 lb gloss cover, 14 point, and 16 point. When you purchase discount cards, they will likely be printed on 100 lb gloss cover as it doesn’t require a heavy duty printing machine. Cards professionally made at a printing company will be printed on 14 point or 16 point stock, making them more dense and less bendable than the “cheaper” cards. All three of these card stocks can be made in a glossy (shiny) or matte finish.

If you really want your business cards to help position you as unique and professional, there are other options out there. SILKCARDS offers a variety of card stocks that will give your business card a personality all its own.

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Our Best Card Stock for Business Cards

Understanding the different stocks will help you decide which one is best for your business’s brand and the personality you’d like to portray. Three of the most popular stocks include:


SILKCARDS have a silky texture and a matte finish. This stock is 16 point, and these business cards can created using multiple layers stacked on top of each and allow for unique die-cutting. That means you can get a single-, double-, or triple-layered card up to a 48 point thickness.


Suede cards have a soft, suede-like feel to them due to our suede lamination process. They are luxurious and elegant and are offered in black (Onyx) or vibrant colors. This stock ranges from 32 to 48 points only, so be prepared to go thick.


Cotton cards are less dense and create a spongy feel for your business card. For this reason, multiple layers are not an option. However, these are excellent for a letterpress business card effect and can handle designs from minimalistic to extravagant.

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Additional Stocks

While less popular than the SILK, Suede, and Cotton cards, SILKCARDS offers other options to fit your needs:

Card Stock Thicknesses

While the average card stock only goes up to 16 point, SILKCARDS begins designs at 16 point and goes up to 48 point depending on the type of stock is chosen and how many layers are required to create the desired effect.

In addition to create a stronger, professional-looking, and thicker business card, the multiple layers also allow for 3 dimensional designs using die-cut layers. This is a unique effect that other printers and stocks just can’t achieve.

While there is no “perfect” or best business card stock that appeals to everyone, if you are looking to make a statement with your business cards and create an unforgettable experience for all who meet you, you need to step outside of the sea of “average” and choose cards that speak volumes. The extra thickness and design freedom offered by SILKCARDS will help you set yourself apart from the competition and ensure that your business card and the services you offer are kept front and center in your potential client’s mind.