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Survival Guide: Steps Every New Real Estate Agent Should Take Immediately – SilkCards

As a new real estate agent, you have every reason in the world to be proud of yourself; you have recently completed your education, earned all the required certifications and managed to find a few people who may be willing to work with you.

So now what? Unfortunately, penetrating an oversaturated market is not very easy these days, especially when you have limited resources and are only starting to build experience in your line of work. Even so, you could still achieve success on your local real estate market by taking the following basic steps explained below.


Find a Mentor

Start by working closely with a seasoned agent who may be willing to offer you a few tips and tricks that you would never get the chance to discover or apply during training. At first, consider splitting your commission with a veteran broker to benefit from his experience and replicate his or her most successful approach to closing a deal.


Maintain a Solid Presence Both Online and Offline

Next, work even harder to stay active on different platforms that may fuel your growth. Create a website and a blog to promote your business, optimize your web content to help your pages rank higher in search engine results and create profiles on social media websites where you could connect with and engage potential clients, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Also, don’t ignore offline networking opportunities that could bring you an even higher number of clients. Get your real estate business card ready and flood the market. Attend and organize industry-specific events, tour your neighborhood looking for new leads and rely on word-of-mouth to meet new people who may be interested in selling or buying a property through a new real estate agent.


Create a System to Organize Your Tasks and Contacts

Don’t forget to stay organized! Use some of the many free online tools such as Outlook, Gmail or Top Producer to schedule your assignments, store important client information, create checklists and keep everything in one place, preferably the Cloud.


Explore the Best Methods to Consolidate Your Bond with New and Existing Clients

Did you know that quality print marketing materials are invaluable tools that could help you build a more powerful connection with your segment of public? For instance, an awesome-looking portfolio featuring high-quality photos and client testimonials is a fantastic asset allowing you to build credibility and trust. Brochures and catalogs serve a similar purpose; their elevated quality can be perceived by your potential clients as an indicator of the high quality of your services.


Invest in Quality Print Marketing Materials

Now that you know just how important first-hand printed promotional materials are, don’t hesitate to order the essentials that could support your branding efforts, helping you make a name for yourself in any real estate market. Invest in premium business cards, catalogs, flyers and brochures done by, and make use of effective tools that will make it easier for you to get noticed, attract more customers and reaffirm yourself as a competitive player in your area.