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Business Card Horoscope!

Infographic Summary:

How Each Sign Behaves at a Networking Event


You’re that person that gives out other people’s business cards. Props to being a good friend, but it’s creepy. 

Best card design for you: Foil


Stop being such a wallflower. Get up and get going; your peaceful nature is not serving you here. 

Best card design for you: Onyx Suede


You’re an amazing conversationalist, but sometimes it’s okay to let someone else talk. 

Best card design for you: Funky Die-Cut


You’re more than just arm candy. Instead of standing idly while your friend makes the most of their time, get out there yourself!

Best card design for you: Spot UV


You’ve worked so hard for what you have, but by golly stop bragging about it!

Best card design for you: Something with all of the most up to date and crazy tricked out features

Maybe something like this tattoo artist business card.



Stop obsessing over your newest pantsuit or fussing with your hairstyle. Events make everyone hot and sweaty anyway. 

Best card design for you: Cold foil


Don’t flake out. Make sure you follow up afterwards with everyone who is expecting it. 

Best card design for you: Silk Laminate


If the finger food is calling out to you, you don’t have to say no. 

Best card design for you: Thick Colored Edges


If the event doesn’t seem lively enough, stick it out just a little longer before bailing early. It might surprise you!

Best card design for you: Perforated


Be more delicate and less calculated in your interactions; your acquaintances feed off your intellect but reject tactless comments. 

Best card design for you: Suede Laminate


You’re a passionate, awesome problem-solver. Pay attention to what people say and see how you can help. 

Best card design for you: Square


You’re passionate about others, but you may miss an awesome connection if you’re not more straightforward about yourself

Best card design for you: Cotton Letterpress

BONUS Horoscope: How Does the Way You Treat Business Cards Say About You?

If you search for your card desperately at the bottom of your handbag or laptop case, it means you’re confident but disorganized and would do well to pay attention to your interpersonal relationships.
If you always run out of business cards, you tend to sell yourself short and are way more charismatic and outgoing than you give yourself credit for. At worst, you’re just unprepared.
If you carry your business cards in your wallet, you are such a stable, dependable person that people can rely on, but you may come off as a tad boring.
If your cards are crumpled or torn when you hand them out, your brand matters less to you than the experience of the interaction. You’d be wise, though, to keep in mind that others don’t perceive it this way.
If you write notes in pen on the back of your card, it means you’re a compassionate individual with a huge heart, but you may come off as overbearing or too much of a people-pleaser.
If you carry a business card holder, this is a huge indicator that you may be a larger-than-life individual but one whose Type A personality is both an asset and a hindrance.