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6 Restaurant Grand Opening Ideas to Wow Them on the First Night – SilkCards

The Importance of Great Restaurant Grand Opening Ideas

A grand opening is far more important in the restaurant business than perhaps any other. Why? It’s your first chance to show everyone what you’ve got. It’s imperative to begin building relationships in the community in order to start building a base of loyal customers, which are going to make up the backbone of your business plan. Here are six grand opening ideas for an unforgettable night.

1. Double check that your kitchen and wait staff are well-prepared.

Great food and great service go hand in hand. And both are extremely important in making a good first impression. Make sure your team is fully staffed and prepared for the big event. Consider having a “soft opening” first to test the staff and work out any issues that could arise the night of the official grand opening.

2. Partner with a local charity.

Not only does partnering with a local charity help with publicity and attract more customers, it shows your restaurant’s willingness to invest in the community that supports you. There are a number of options to consider when selecting a charity that is the right fit. Watching the news or reading papers and social media are ways to find out what is going on in your community and how your restaurant can best meet its needs.

3. Have your brand identity mapped out before you launch.

Brand identity is crucial. Before you begin to promote your restaurant, you must determine how you want your customers to remember you. Elements of a strong brand include promise, personality, and memorability. Once you have created your brand image, you will need to market it. Select a quality vendor to help you design marketing materials and custom die cut business cards.

4. Set yourself apart from other restaurant events going on the same day.

Do something from the start that is unique and gets people talking. There are many ways to be creative and innovative without being complicated. Choose a simple and subtle way to stand out from the crowd. Some examples of great ideas for restaurants include using cheese graters for lights or barstools that seat two people. You can also have a signature drink or menu item that is memorable.

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5. Utilize media outlets to your advantage.

Contact local newspapers and TV stations to inform them of your grand opening. If you are partnering with a local charity or will have entertainment, make sure this is included in your press release. And make certain to use social media. Create a Facebook page and invite all of your friends to “like” the restaurant’s new page. Use Instagram to take photos of your fabulous dishes to draw in the crowds. Marketing your restaurant through a variety of media outlets is key to a successful grand opening.

6. Offer free perks. 

Everyone loves to get something free. Offering free appetizer or dessert with a purchase of the meal, or your signature drink from the bar is a great way to add value to the restaurant experience. It also opens up the opportunity for customers to try something else from your restaurant that they may not have otherwise tried. Another great way to provide value and ensure that they will return again is to design a great gift card campaign.

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Do What You Do Best

You’ve opened up your restaurant for a reason, and it’s time to show off your dishes and excellent work ethic. These are the things that are most likely to keep people coming back for more. Choose 4colorprint for any marketing materials you need printed. 

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