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3 Direct Marketing Ideas You Never Thought Of – SilkCards

One of the biggest advantages to this form of advertising is that you are able to communicate directly to your potential customers. This let’s you share your own vision and ideas without restraint, which builds greater loyalty with the customer. Not only that, but it is also a great way to save a lot of money on advertising on much more expensive outlets like television or through radio ads.

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Direct Marketing Ideas

Direct marketing should be engaging, fun, and creative. Here are three direct marketing ideas that you should consider when starting your own campaign.

1. Add Value

People need a reason for looking at your direct mail. When they go to the mailbox and sift through whatever they received that day, they will usually only stop on your material if it looks useful. The mail you send needs to have value for not just you, but for the consumer as well. This means simple things like adding coupons that will entice them to shop with you. If you have a local high school or college, add the sports team’s schedules on the advertisement to get them to hang it on the fridge. If you sell a product that can be put into a sample size, send it as well. Whatever the case, your direct marketing must stand above the rest to get noticed.

2. Find a Partner

Do you sell a good or service that has a complementary product? For example, if you sell peanut butter, a complementary product would be jelly, bread, or if you dig a little deeper, dog treat dispensers. If you do have a complimentary product, try to team up with a local business through a business alliance to create a direct marketing campaign that would be beneficial to you both. Not only will this help get the word out about both of your companies, but it will also save you both money on marketing costs. This type of agreement can be complicated, so check with legal counsel before you consider this. But if you can find the right business partner, the one-two punch of your service or products will get the potential customer’s attention.

3. Make it Personal

The biggest advantage to using direct marketing is that it gives you a direct line of communication to your potential customers. While simple advertising, with call to actions and large, eye-catching fonts is great, it doesn’t hurt to do something a little different. Try sending a letter, using a stamp instead of a mass mailing print, with a personal appeal and call to action direct from your desk to theirs. Consumers appreciate this type of seemingly one on one communication because it feels more real to them than traditional marketing.

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Consider Using Quality Materials

One of the best ways to ensure that your direct mail marketing pieces don’t end up in the trash is by using quality materials that ensnare them from the get-go. Can you imagine a piece of mail that is so gorgeous and well made that someone would feel guilty tossing it in the garbage? This alone will buy you the extra few minutes you need to get their attention and pique their interest.

Here at 4ColorPrint, we’re ready to help you enact your next major direct marketing campaign whether you want postcards or a more elaborate product. We’ll help you put together something both fun and creative, so contact us today to get started.

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