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Top 5 Books on Branding for 2017

In need of some new books on branding? Before you begin your search, have you considered areas of weakness in your brand strategy?


Brand strategy defines how your customers view your company as a whole. It includes your business name, logo, tagline, online and print marketing collateral like brochures and business cards, but doesn’t stop there. Your brand strategy is also determined by:

  • Your product’s overall message to your customers
  • Your customer service
  • Your promise of action as a company

A brand strategy should be unique and consistent with your brand’s personality – you want your customers and potential business partners to remember your brand.

Is your company’s brand strategy in need of improvement? Customers or business partners may provide insight as to answering what your brand is all about.

If the answers don’t seem to align with your plan, identify areas that need change. To help, we’ve compiled a list of five branding books to add to your reading list in 2017.

The Best Books on Branding

Though nowhere a comprehensive list, these books should be enough to get you started on the path to brand strategy improvement.

Designing a Brand Identity

by Alina Wheeler

This best seller by Alina Wheeler features an easy to follow process starting from conducting research to designing your brand strategy. You will find over 50 in-depth case studies that examine successful brand strategies.

This book includes unique diagrams, tools, and checklists to assist in your brand strategy development.

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Brand Bible: The Complete Guide to Building, Designing, and Sustaining Brands

by Debbie Millman

This book is a comprehensive guide on designing your brand’s image and logo. Focusing on design and graphic arts, this resource evaluates the influence of design over generations and how to use design techniques to define your brand.

It provides a step by step process from starting your brand to working with vendors and eventually implementing your design.
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The Science and Art of Branding

by Giep Franzen and Sandra Moriarty

This brand strategy book is unique because it evaluates the development of your brand strategy from both the business and the consumer. It gives a thorough look at consumer brand perceptions and how to align your brand’s image with your target customers.

You will find helpful case studies that examine both the brand and the consumer, as well as market research that will allow you to see from the consumer’s perspective. 
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Sticky Branding: 12.5 Principles to Stand Out, Attract Customers, and Grow an Incredible Brand

by Jeremy Miller

One important element in designing your brand strategy is determining what aspects of your brand are unique and will help you stand out among your competition.

This bestseller by Jeremy Miller provides research, case studies, and activities that will help evaluate your brand’s differences and give ideas on how to differentiate your brand from the rest.
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Business Branding: Expert Marketing Techniques For Building A Captivating Brand, Attracting Customers and Reinventing Your Image In The Digital Age


This book is a perfect choice for existing small business owners who want to reevaluate their branding strategy and improve their brand’s image. It provides successful brand development strategies including methods on how to start from nothing.

This book also looks at building a business in the digital age and how to use social media and technology to boost your brand strategy.
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The reading choices above all have their own unique way of looking at brand strategy and will provide useful information and tools to help get you started on creating a successful and memorable brand.