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Time to Pamper! 5 Brilliant Girls’ Day Promotion Ideas

With bikini season and tons of weddings fast approaching, girls are desperate to look great, pamper themselves, or find a friend or bridesmaid the perfect gift. In order to make a girls’ day out truly special, they turn to you and your beauty salon for some much-needed pampering. Having a stellar strategy is crucial to snag those individuals hungry for the perfect deal. You have the potential to double or triple (or more) your client base when these ladies come pouring into your salon.

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Host a Memorable “Girls’ Day” With These Promos

This spring, ladies can get massage and beauty product vouchers from any number of businesses, so to be sure they put themselves in your hands, here are five promotions to convince them that your salon is the right place.

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Social Media Promotion Campaign

Don’t be afraid to over-share! Excited women who want to indulge themselves with friends are more than likely to search online for the perfect gift. Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat about your special group packages. For an extra incentive, include a discount code they can only find on those media outlets. This will prompt others to follow your accounts and watch for future girls’ day promotion packages from your business!

Personal Gift Baskets at a Discount

How many customers ask you about the products you used to make their hair glisten with that perfect post-salon shine or that fabulous aromatherapy oil that had them melting into your massage? Offer a gift basket of those products at a discount to groups of friends or bridal parties, and they’ll certainly want to come again for your services—and buy the items in their basket later when they run out!

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Free Massage/Mani/Pedi with Haircut

Did they say free? People love a bargain. Since they’ll already be at the salon, why not give them another reason to stick around by offering one of your other services for free? Running a special featuring a free massage, manicure, or pedicure with a haircut is sure to get everyone’s attention. Nothing will make a your ideal client feel more special (and get them coming back for more) than a total makeover.

Massive Group Discounts

Quality time between girls is a sure way to make your clients happy on their day. Bundling additional services such as manicure or pedicure will double their satisfaction, or you can take the cost down per individual when they come in groups. This also gives you a chance to win them all over to return on their birthdays, future weddings, or even when they just want to relax.

Team Up with Another Local Business

Keep in mind that special occasions are more than just flowery cards and surprise gifts. The ladies may also be up for other events or services that closely align with why they were in your salon. Here are some ideas:

  • Advertise and connect with a local restaurant or theater for dinner/movie dates
  • Partner with wedding vendors that you can refer business and vice versa for wedding parties
  • Locate all other “beauty” businesses that are not in competition with you (the ones that provide different services than you)

With any massage package at your salon, the girls can receive a coupon for another business. Be sure to provide a reciprocal voucher for your business partner, so they can promote you too. Not only will you encourage people to use your services, but you’ll also help someone else’s!

Any time is a great time to boost your client base, and you can do that most effectively by targeting the “fun” side of R&R. Make the most of your promotions by making your salon an enticing destination for “girl days.” They’ll feel refreshed, and so will your business!

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