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The American Psycho Business Card Scene – SilkCards

One of the most popular references to business cards in pop culture is in the movie American Psycho with Christian Bale. In the scene, four brokers compare the intricacies of their business cards and try to outclass the others’ cards. The irony is that all three cards are somewhat plain and look exactly alike.

We know this is likely some sort of literary commentary or criticism of white collar life, yet as premium business card designers, the idea of marvelling at plain cards still doesn’t sit well with us. So we decided to write our own script for the American Psycho business card scene!

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The American Psycho Business Card Scene Recreated

“New card. Whaddya think?”

“Wow! Very nice.”

“Just got ‘em in the mail from SILKCARDS yesterday.”

“Good texture.”

“That’s cotton stock. And the text has an inked letterpress effect.”

“It’s very cool, but check mine out…”

“Gold foil. Colored edges. Die cut.”


“How about mine?”

“Raised lettering. Red foil. Ultra Thick. Spot UV.”

“Impressive. Let’s see your card.”

Voiceover: “Look at the TWO different kinds of foils. The tasteful thickness.”

“Oh my God. It even has a Spot UV watermark.”

The SILKCARDS Difference

According to a study conducted at the end of 2016, 72% of people judge a company by the quality of a business card, and 39% of people would even go so far as to say they’d choose not to do business with someone whose card seems cheaply made. In addition, 88% of business cards are thrown out in less than a week, but people tend to hold on to a colored card 10 times longer than a plain card.

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With this in mind, the brokers quibbling about the difference between bone vs egg shell and Silian Grail vs Roman in the original scene won’t have much success with their card strategy despite how much thought they put into it. SILKCARDS is a premium business card printer that builds cards unlike any other out there. Your image is important as is the look and feel of your business card.