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Pro Tip: Think Outside the Box for Business Card Job Titles

If you do a lot of networking and really want to emphasize yourself as a creative, innovative individual, consider jazzing up your business card’s job title. Your business card is the first impression you’ll make as a professional. Due to its size, every word on it should be considered carefully to accurately portray your brand. Begin with a unique job title that everyone you hand your card to will remember.  


Dazzling Customers With Just Your Job Title

Your business card should tell the world who you are and what you do. However, creating a standard card with the same job title as others in your position won’t get anyone’s attention. When you’re looking to build your brand, you’ll want a card that will get you noticed. Do this with a fun and quirky job title your customers will not soon forget.

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Modern and Creative Job Title Transformations

So, you may be wondering how you can transform a “boring” job title into something more creative while still reflecting your business accurately. The following list contains some great examples of how you can do exactly that.

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1. Money Maestro

This would be a fun alternative to “Accounting Manager.” Handling budgets, expenses, and payroll is something that takes clear skill and organization.

2. Ambassador of Buzz

This could work for “Director of Marketing,” “Social Media Specialist,” or another PR-related role. Generating buzz for your business is your main job.

3. Chief Cheerleader

This title certainly sounds more interesting than “Chief Executive Officer.” As the boss, a big part of your job entails encouraging and praising employees, so why not depict that on your business card?

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Generating Ideas for Business Card Phrasing

To compose a creative job title for your business card, you need to give some thought on what it is exactly that you do and how you can describe it in a nontraditional way. Use the following techniques to brainstorm the perfect title:

  • Consider what your main role entails. You don’t want customers guessing, so ensure your job title reflects that. For example, if you’re in charge of sales, you could use “Sales Wrangler” or “Sales Guru” as your job title. They’re more fun and still relevant to what you do.
  • Don’t be afraid to make fun of your role. If you’re an executive, “Chief Ego Operator” would be a hilarious take on your job title, ensuring no one will forget it. Plus, it’s close enough to “Chief Executive Officer” to be clear but also has a fun (and perhaps truthful?) twist.
  • Create a list of your top picks. Get out your thesaurus and find some more engaging (but still accurate) alternatives to any traditional nouns or adjectives you’ve chosen. For example, instead of “specialist,” you could choose “maven,” “master,” or “connoisseur.” Lastly, Google what you’ve come up with to ensure your title is truly one of a kind.

When creating memorable business card titles, you’ll need to think outside the box. The perfect job title will not only dazzle your customers but will also help them understand what it is you do. Make a great first impression and help others embrace your brand with SILKCARDS. Our custom design team can help you design the perfect card to fit with your branding, and we also offer free sample packs!