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Whether you sell used clothes or new designer clothing, you will need to have price tags for your products. Believe it or not, the price tags are an excellent opportunity for business owners to distinguish themselves from the competition and promote a certain branding image. Unfortunately, most business owners completely overlook the power of the price tag. Rather than use generic price tags for your clothes, you should consider making hang tags.

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Here are a few creative ideas that will help you make the perfect custom price tag for your designer clothing line.

Choose a Color Scheme

You should start the process of making the perfect custom price tag by choosing a color scheme. Generic price tags for clothing tend to only be black and white. Rarely will you come across a generic price tag with a splash of color on it. Therefore, one way you distinguish your brand from others is by having colorful price tags. 

Ideally, the color scheme for your garment tags should match your brand’s color scheme for unity and coordination. If the color scheme for your brand consists of bright and vibrant colors, you should also use neutral colors for your price tag. The last thing you want is for the price tags to be an eyesore. Also, no matter what, the color should not distract the customer from the price printed on the tag.

Use Unique Shapes

The shape of a generic hang tag is square or rectangle. Therefore, if you’re creating custom price tags for your clothing, you should opt for more unique shapes. Some examples of unique shapes you can use for the price tags include stars, circles, and pentagons. When choosing a shape for your custom price tags, ensure that you choose a shape that won’t make the price tag less durable. For example, if you choose a star shape for your price tags, ensure that the points are thick enough so that they don’t bend or break. If the shape you choose is susceptible to ripping and bending, you should ensure that you use quality paper to ensure that the hang tags don’t break. 

Use Quality Material

Another creative idea for creating the perfect custom price tag is using quality material. Generic price tags tend to be flimsy and made of thin cardstock paper. Therefore, customers tend to associate generic price tags with lack of quality. You can use quality material for the custom price tags to convey the quality of your brand to consumers. You can use thick cardstock, paint chips, or even cardboard to make your price tags. Another advantage of using quality material for the price tags is that they will be less prone to being torn off from the clothing garment.

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As you can see, making the perfect custom price tag isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Best of all, your creativity will definitely go a long way when it comes to your branding efforts. For more creative ideas for making price tags, don’t hesitate to contact us here at DGi. DGi has been providing superior quality silk cards, plastic card products and promotional marketing material to our customers for over 18 years. We are dedicated and driven to be the best in the business and our industry.

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