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Are Your Gift Cards Worth Giving? – SilkCards

Gift cards can serve many purposes for your business. First, they are a way of spreading the word about your company by having trusted customers give their friends and associates a free purchase at your store. Gift cards also boost sales as the gift-receiver finds incentives to purchase merchandise of higher value.

 The goal of any good gift card program will be to convey your brand as well as give people the confidence to send their family members and loved ones into your store. Here are a few gift card design tips to help you design gift cards that are worth giving.

Gift Card Design Tips

A nice-looking gift card not only feels more valuable but can also influence the buyer to spend more than they originally considered.

1. Include Logo and Imagery

If your brand is already well-known, a prominent logo should be featured. If you’re still working on getting the word out about your brand, then choose an image that conveys your core business so that consumers can easily identify what your card is for at a glance.

2. Keep It Simple

Once you have your main image worked out, the next consideration is the background colors and other decorations on the card. Choose colors and embellishments that accentuate your main image without causing too much visual clutter. Not adding enough will fail to gain the attention of casual browsers while going overboard will create visual confusion which may lead the buyer’s eye to keep moving.

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3. Stay Consistent With Seasonal Themes

Lastly, consider having several variations of your design to fit seasonal shifts in shopping. The winter holiday shopping season is the perfect time for gift card sales as people struggle to cross off names from long shopping lists. Spring and summer sales might do better with a design that reflects the warmth and new growth of the season. If you have a different kind of gift card campaign going, minimalistic or logo-based designs might be the best way to go.

Custom Gift Card Printing

Once your main design elements are in place, select a high-end printing company that is capable of producing your gift cards using the best techniques and latest technologies. Nothing is more disappointing than spending hours creating the perfect image only to have it fall flat in production.

For example, can your printer use Spot UV techniques that create highlighting effects and visual texture that add a subtle, yet effective visual draw to your card? Do they have the technology to create foil stamps that turn out sleek and professional? Your imagination is the limit when it comes to designing the shape, color, and style of your card. Make sure your printer has the expertise to bring your designs to life.

Gift Cards Worth Giving

When you take the time to produce custom-printed plastic gift cards for your business, you boost the perceived value of not only the gift but also of the resulting purchase in the future. A unique, modern design that utilizes all the latest elements of style conveys to the buyer and the receiver that you care about quality and that fine details are an important part of your company’s goals. The result is higher sales of gift cards, improved branding and messaging, and satisfied shoppers at the end of the transaction.

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