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Are Unique Tactile Business Cards the New Norm? – SilkCards

At one time or another, most of us have seen or been given a boring business card. You know the type: plain old cardstock with a general clip art image taking up space. They can be printed from a variety of sources like FedEx, Staples, and even on our own home printers. These type of business cards do not speak volumes and are not impressive.

Business cards have been exchanged between people for centuries and are no longer required to fit a particular design mold. Business cards can be created by using almost any material from plastic to cotton and wood to metal, giving us the freedom to leave our mark and make a good impression. So does this mean unique business cards are moving in to replace the old cardstock and inkjet variety?

Your Business Card Doubles as a What?

A recent internet search of the term “unique business cards” found over 10 million results. These results included:

So basically, they are not really “cards” in the traditional sense at all. It seems as though the concept of a traditional business card is going the way of the flip phone and MySpace; in other words, we have moved past it and on to something much more hip, like a business card in the style of a dog tag.

When we meet someone new, we want to leave a good impression; after all, that is the whole point of a business card. The goal is to leave our mark so that we are memorable and a possible solution to someone else’s needs. That can be difficult to accomplish if our method looks like everyone else’s and our “impression” ends up in a desk drawer somewhere. If we are not standing out from the competition, we are blending in, and that makes us more forgettable.  

The Future of Unique Business Cards

Did you know that over 27 million business cards are printed every day? Of those cards, nearly 90% will be thrown out in less than a week, and white cards are discarded more often than cards with color. The business card industry is saturated as it tries to keep up with emerging trends and innovative design, which makes it even more important for the companies themselves to stand out.

Unique business cards have no limit and it seems as though they are here to stay, at least for now. Boring cardstock and plain graphics are a thing of the past; we are now ushering in business cards of the edible and suede variety. No one wants to just blend in when making a first impression, and a unique business card may be just the ticket we need to make a second good impression. has unique designs and materials for all types of business cards. We have offered superior support since 1998 and we can help you stand above the rest.