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9 Sure-Fire Tips for Marketing for a Designer Clothing Line – SilkCards

With no one right or wrong way to market your business, deciding which methods work for you can be a bit of a challenge. A matter that baffles designers of all kinds, without a quality marketing plan, even the best fashion brands will suffer.

Marketing for a Designer Clothing Line

Check out the following tips to help you take your marketing efforts to the next level!

1. Create Your Brand Story

Moreover, although you will have a professional writer handy, you need to give them an idea of what you want your designer clothing line brand story to be. Is it fun? Young? Sophisticated? Funky? Fresh? No matter if you want to tell the literal story of how the brand came to be or create some larger than life fable about the epic legend that is your brand, creating a good brand story is bound to draw in more customers and further connect the existing ones.

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2. Professional Models

In addition to that, hiring a professional model will also help immensely with marketing. This is due to the fact that models are trained to make clothes look good. Moreover, any have their own followings who will immediately be drawn to your brand once they see their favorite model sporting the look.

3. Professional Photography

One of the top ways to market your designer brand is by acquiring a professional photographer to photograph your clothing line. Although many are unaware of the value of high quality photographs in terms of marketing, having your photos professionally done will certainly help boost your sales. You can them use them on any promotional materials including the hang tags that are physically attached to your products!

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4. Professional Writer for Marketing for Designer Clothing Line

Next, one of the most overlooked steps in terms of marketing your designer clothing brand is hiring professional writers. While it may seem miniscule, you will need professional copy for websites, packaging, social media posts, and much more. Never make the mistake of thinking you can or should do everything yourself.

5. Create Your Website

Now that you have your photographer, models, writers, and brand story, you need to create your website. While it is best to purchase a unique domain name and purchase hosting services, there are some free website options that can help get the job done until you feel you are ready to take those steps.

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6. Get Social

Next, make sure you have pages on all major social media pages as well as someone to operate them. Great brands are the ones who post consistently and engage their followers.

7. Use Hashtags

In addition to creating your social media pages, you will also want to create at least one hashtag for your brand. Although this step may seem miniscule, creating a hashtag for your brand will allow you to easily promote your brand as well as give your followers a word or phrase to use or search for in regards to keeping up with the latest of your brand’s developments.  

8. Going Live With Great Events

Another sure-fire marketing method for a designer brand is to throw events, and more importantly, live stream those events! People hate to feel like they’re missing out on the fun. By hosting brand-specific results and live streaming the fun, you will draw more followers each time.

9. Contests

Lastly, one epic method of marketing for a designer clothing line is by having contests. By simply asking followers to subscribe, share, or like your promotional materials, you will easily spread your brand for the cost of one small gift or trinket.

Marketing your brand can be fun and easy. Simply follow these tips and remember that it is better to carefully execute each step than it is to hastily cut corners. Choose 4ColorPrint for your hang tag design or promotional materials.

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