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5 Simple Strategies to Find the Right Real Estate Clients – SilkCards

Finding the right real estate clients is one of the most important skills that a real estate agent can learn. Fortunately, there is a ton of inventive strategies out there that can help real estate agents expand their network. We’d love to offer a few to help you identify potential clients.

How to Find the Right Real Estate Clients

Here are 5 suggestions to snag more real estate clients:

1. Targeting Those Going Through a Divorce

People who are going through a divorce often have to sell their home to split proceeds between them. This means that they often need the services of a real estate agent to help them sell their house faster and at the reasonable price point possible.

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2. Looking Up FSBO Listings

FSBO means “for sale by owner,” referring to listings that have been put up by the homeowners rather than their representatives. Each FSBO seller is a potential client whom you can convince that s/he will be better served by entrusting their real estate transactions to an agent with the right expertise and experience instead of going it alone when it’s time to sell their property.

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3. The Power of Open Houses

Open houses are a powerful tool for bringing in potential real estate clients. Even if the people who visit an open house are not interested in either buying or selling at that time, it is still a chance for the real estate agent to either get their contact information or give them theirs. As a result, this could create more opportunities in the future as they may want to purchase, sell, or even recommend other clients.

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4. Leveraging Social Networking

Real estate agents get a significant percentage of their clients through word-of-mouth, which has become even more powerful as a marketing tool in modern times courtesy of social media. Real estate agents who make a positive impression on their clients on social media can influence other potential clients from their list of friends and family members.

This is a powerful online marketing strategy since the information is coming directly from trusted sources rather than biased marketers. Furthermore, social media gives real estate agents a chance to engage with potential clients through blogs and other mediums, which can provide them with plenty of opportunities to build up their brand.

5. Real Life Networking

On a related note, real estate agents should also network with other real estate professionals, who can point potential clients in their direction in exchange for similar consideration on their part. Part of this process will happen naturally, as it’s obvious that real estate agents continue to demonstrate their competence while interacting with other real estate professionals. However, to keep at the top of the game, take your time to speak to peers, neighbors, and family members, as they might be aware of some people selling a home.

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The Takeaway

There are other ways of finding real estate clients than those that have been listed here, so interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to continue reading, researching, and experimenting to find the combination of approaches that are best suited for them.

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